Biggest mistake

So, everyone get ready to laugh at me.

I had a ten year, veteran account (a named account, which a GM was surprised that I had one). I was a Wrath baby.

300+ mounts, 100+ reps, Headless Horseman mount, tons of toys, a bunch of cool stuff.

Been tanking dungeons because game needs tanks. But people are such jerks. Seriously, jerks.

This one dungeon I wasn’t too familiar with, made a mistake, and they kicked me.

After every other abuse, that was the last straw.

I cancelled my sub and put in a ticket to delete my account.

System said I had five days to change my mind.

On the forth day, I decided I was a bit rash and went to cancel my account deletion.

Too late. The system did it early.

So everything is gone.

Can I blame Blizz? Yeah, a little bit. They did state “five days” and I recanted on the fourth. Still, it is what it is. Can’t cry too much over pixles.

Though I do miss the Headless Horseman and the multi-mount, multi-rep mounts. That hurt the most.


Never make big decisions when you’re mad, especially over something as silly as being kicked from a dungeon.


Wise words.


Well, now you have something to keep you busy.


You’ve either been freed from this old obsession or have renewed passion in actually working from a fresh start, something most wow players will never experience since we hold onto these accounts for like over a decade lol.

You’re about to have a great time


Was there a date attached to the scheduled deletion? Or was it time-based? If the email gave you a date and it was deleted before 12:00am on that date, you could probably argue with them (although they claim deletions are permanent). If it was just time-based and technically you were in the 5th day (12:00am or later), well then…



:upside_down_face: Just kidding I couldn’t reisist. I hope Blizzard can fix this for you put in a ticket and hope for the best.


I’m surprised permanent account deletion is even an option. I see no advantage to Blizzard, or the player.


Put in a ticket and explain what happened. Maybe they will restore it.

There might be “illegal activities” breaking TOS, and I can think of many and don’t want to break TOS myself by mentioning them here, which would merit an account deletion.

Dude, you’re free!! Enjoy life my friend.


That’s different. But a deleted account is less likely to return, and that’s not good for Blizzard.

i guess a good reason is addiction.

nope it’s gone.

all personal information from your Account will be permanently and irrecoverably deleted or anonymized after your submission is processed.

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This all happened a year ago. So I couldn’t put in a ticket even if I wanted to.

I do admit there is some freedom. Not being tied to so many things I earned.

Makes it easier to quit should the reason arise since I don’t feel as bound as I was.


What does this mean?

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All of a sudden there are a whole string of, press X to doubt posts appearing on the forums.


Wasnt canceling the sub enough?

Was so long ago. So details maybe are off. But Back in the old days battlenet tags were not a thing. So we had actual account names. I have mine. Instead of WoW1. I assume that is what he is talking about.

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Oh I didn’t know that people no longer get to pick an account name. Mine has the original name too. :dracthyr_shrug:

Was the GM surprised because most active accounts are post-BNet integration?

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