Biggest Issues that I have seen NOT commented on yet by Blues

  1. Layering. As we predicted, its been demonstrated to already be an issue. This is critical to address before release.

Solutions such as saving your ‘home’ layer to your character for a 24 hour period, and not letting you hop to another layer to gather resources (Thorium, Devilsaur, Arena Trinket etc), is one option.

Disabling it in Contested Area’s fully, is another option.

  1. Melee Ranges being based on Legion client, and not Classic.

I only saw this briefly, and never discussed here. Is this a thing? Is it a problem like I saw or was it overblown?

Any other major issues you would like to see a Blue Post address?


Tauren did not have that melee range in Legion…

Layer Hopping - Please Put Limits - Community / Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums

My suggestions on that one.

That would be “sharding”.

I guess so, as it would force phasing as you zone in, and we dont want that.

This wasnt the Tauren thing, I’ll see if I can find a link.

Its on reddit, I’m not sure why the link displays as a pic.


If by ‘force phasing’ you mean people would disappear switching shards, sure.

Phasing refers to quest phase selection based on progress, and is not in any way related to Classic.

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Yeah thats why I mean, people disappearing.

Layering will not be a thing by phase 2. Do you seriously think there will be enough people for there to be multiple layers in the zones required to exploit this? Seems pretty unlikely to me…

Yeah, why not? Why do people expect a massive loss of playerbase, do you actually think Classic will do that terribly?

Phase 2 is a few months into release, so we’re supposed to be alright with these glaring issues and exploits being in?

From what I’ve noticed in the beta people are getting into different layers even if there isnt very many people in the area.

They will not comment on it.
They will though implement stealth patches to it and see what happens.

Classic blizzard. (See what I did there?)

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Even very successful games have significant player drop-off in the weeks following release.

I expect a huge rush on the first few days, and for Blizzard to aggressively ‘layer’ Servers to keep the real number of Servers low.

I do expect after a month, to see numbers of players drop off considerably, as not everyone will be ready for the pacing of Classic.

I would much rather have a smaller number of Servers, for when the pop crunch really hits in a year after release, so as to keep those realms vibrant.

I think classic is gonna do great, I just don’t think there will be enough people in these high level zones to make any layering exploits possible. Its going to take most people a few months before they get to these zones where layering exploits could negatively effect the economy. A lot of people will quit before they even get to these levels…

The fact that there won’t be many people in the higher level zones to start, makes exploiting easier.

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Yep, with how it works you can hit that Thorium, log out, log back, and it may just put you in another layer anyway, and you get it again.

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In typical Blizzard fashion they are going to put their foot down even though most people disagree with it and watch all the complaints flair up after launch while wearing a monocle and sipping scotch.

And they will keep doing it until people quit and then say its “just your usual expected decline”.