Big Love Rocket requiring level 60 to farm? What were you thinking?

Blizzard please… The expansion has been released for not even 3 months. Players are still working on getting their mains to a good gear standing, but then you make it so you need to be level 60 to have a chance at the love rocket? What kind of person is designing this? The serious mistakes of:

  1. We only found out it was level 60 because of Asia getting the event earlier.
  2. If you’re going to make it require max level to get the epic box, don’t require it when the expansion hasn’t even been out for a single quarter, what were you thinking?
  3. If you’re going to add a secondary goal for a minority interest (mount farmers) don’t make that content the most time demanding to do, like leveling up multiple characters within the first 3 months of an expansion, while also gearing up your main.

These are serious mistakes, but also basic errors. You can’t be doing stuff like this anymore, you should know better.
Level 50 minimum would be leaps and bounds better than this, and even then it still seems a little high. But at this point, I’d literally take anything but level 60…
Please, do the right thing here.


They make more money by doing it this way though


At least OP made this thread before the announcement, but there’s no excuse for you.

It’s not intended to be 60 only.

I stand corrected!!!

hopefully they revert it back to 60.