Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

Starla, if it wasn´t obvious enough THAT poster was probably one of the alts of the salty people we had had to deal with in the other threads. Look at who “liked” them, recognize “any” names?

Cause I see several of the expected hypocrites in there.


It’s been a while. Just wanted to reiterate my support for tattoos and scars. Stuff that we should have gotten if our customization pass hadn’t been shared with void elves.


We really need at least those things…

Like I think everyone should have some scars and tattoos but Blood Elves especially should.

Between the rangers from WCII to the Farstriders to Rommath and his tattoos, its kinda a thing with them.

Plus the Blood Elves are warriors and survivors. What better way to help represent that than with scars and damaged ears?


trying to resist posting in that other thread with all the fanfiction being peddled atm. refuse to bump it

any new stuff for blood elves will be shared with void elves. they will just gaslight and spam that their alleria tattoos. non antis will play devils advocate to keep it alive like theyve been doing


The high elf fans are the antis, they’re Anti-Belf.


9.1.5 when those people can finally stop spaming this place can´t come fast enough.

Hopefully they won´t decide to come here to impose on their aberrant ideas.

Well, the real question is if they are anti-Belf thanks to them getting their feelings hurt on TBC because of the design choices of the devs OR just because they hate us -for you know, not hating that design choice- so they just invest their time to badmouth the race as a form of “revenge” towards us?


They’ll never stop spamming until their agenda is fully complete.

  • Blood Elf hairstyles.
  • Blood Elf tattoos.
  • Anything and everything Blood Elves get.
  • Making entopic embrace align with their basic white blonde haired blue eyed pure elf obsession.
  • Silvermoon.
  • Deletion of Blood Elves.

Yes, thus why we need to only suggest new things for them to steal from the blood elves, not to ask to keep what we have as unique.

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Hopefully the devs won´t buy into the last two items on the list. I´m sure the actual average playerbase member won´t, they love their DH OP tanks too much to allow it so.

Unfortunately this seem to be the course to take, so… apart from REd Blod eyes and any other NON poachable stuff, what would you guys like to see?

If we ever get a flying racial mount, i want a phoenix.


It makes me very mildly irritated.

I was accused of being violent today for thinking that Blood Elves deserve some restitution for their entire identity being stolen in the form of an upi Silvermoon.

Violence. Apparently liking Blood Elves and wanting good things for them is tantamount to hate speech to anti-belfers. :roll_eyes:

Meanwhile those people continue to welcome and embrace someone who committed an act of word violence at me when they made transphobic remarks at me.


i thought youd be happier. idk how many times ive seen you say “just give them their ‘high elves’” already

Hopefully the insufferableness will taper off some as they get used to it. But yeah, when you’ve got stalker boy acting all self righteous in the other thread too it’s just wonderful.


You mean the nelf who tried to gaslight me who I put on ignore?

He refused to read and comprehend my explanation several times, so I dismissed him as a troll and blocked him.

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Gal, i say so because THAT is the only thing that will get them to SHUT UP.

The more they spam and QQ and moan, the more the devs -incorrectly- believe there are thousands of them. If you catter to the less harmful petitions of the majority, the actual harmful petitions of their minority WILL lose steam simply because happy posters don´t need to go and harrass other posters in their threads while they play the “I´m a POOR wittle UwU victim” game.

Today I learned how that feels… yesterday one of those hypocritical creeps called me Karen for dareing to say I -as in, my individual person- can get put off from customization options thanks to the explanations given by the devs. And Oh boy, I´m the one that has to “get over it” while they literally crcle jerk on the harrasement while chanting how “non toxic” their fanclub is.

In a way, I expected it. Just can´t believe the massive amount of self delusion and how much they are able lie to themselves, and so blatantly. It´s almost scary.


No the bone obsessed blood elf that kept sneaking into the discord to harass one of the members.


I’m not seeing their posts either.

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Must be someone I have blocked because I don’t see who you are talking about either.

Edit - now I see it, with all the hidden replies because I do have him blocked. Lol.


I don’t ignore that one because he’s pretty slimy and does things that I feel need calling out, like insinuating people are mentally unstable when they disagree with him.


Anyhow. Tattoos and scars and all the things.


Which proves who is -probably- the actual individual with mental health issues…

Well now it DOES make sense. Only people that has to deal with that get told constantly to “care for their mental health”. The other kind of people that uses with regularity that phrase are mental health professionals, who I know he/she is NOT.

ROFL, and I believed he was gonna get my point in the other thread about the abussive attitude of “Karen incarnated”. I´m an idiot.

I´ll appreciate if you guys warn me previously, i would have wasted waaay less time with him/her.

Non poachable stuff especially. Maybe we could talk about VERY Belfy designs in the tattoo / warpaint camp, like idk… apart from the phoenix motive, maybe something resembling the “Icon of Blood”, or “Salamaders” (myths has these as heavily associated to Fire, and Fire is the preferred magical school of the Belves). Suns are a MUST.

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