Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

I don’t see why they didn’t create more hairstyles for Belf females. The jewelry in hair options always seems so lame and never mixes with any armies in game.

Because they in their “infinite” maturity have been waiting for a chance to “stick it to the Belf fans” for more than a decade and counting… we both know it´s just the same 10 people as usual. And with some luck, this implementation will FINALLY shut up most of them (only the extremists will continue to appear to demand deluded stuff like our territory et al… but those are very few individuals so they will probably get ignored by the rest).

In a way it´s better, only people that care will participate in this thread, not “pros” who are hardcore anti Belf and whose contributions were always about “how can we screw up the Belf fans? :thinking:” first and foremost.

Most races only got like 3 new hairstyles, this isn´t a Belf issue it´s an issue with ALL the core races.

I never new I wanted bi-colored hair on my Darkspear Trolls until the new haircuts for example (I´d like that option for ALL their haircuts).


One can attest they are against void elf fans too. They hated void elves since enception and had been on a mission to water them down or down-right retcon the entire race.

I’m waiting for them to demand to redo the entire void elf story now and intro’s for their high elves.

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Right… it does feel like they had an arbitrary limit on the new hairstyles. I love my new Nelf ones, but I was hoping for a long flowing ponytail.

Would be a massive QOL change if blizz had a small art team devoted to new customizations released regularly without needing major patches.


You can probably expect this from the extremist portion of their fanbase, yes… but probably not from the majority. Most of them will take their aesthetic model and finally go away to play their RP dream, Brae.

In a way it´s better, we will finally be free from most of them (at least Horde side). Which means this thread will see mostly positive participation, not the randos who upvoted the second troll post of this thread and who make /pikachu faces when we point our disbelief to their “helpful” contributions in here (frankly I think only Fen and Nicodemus -and maybe the fem pally poster with the sensitivity of a prepusbescent teenager?- are genuinelly NOT anti-Belf. The rest? LOL).

Indeed, but then again, it´s still too soon to chant victory regarding thge working ethics and practices of Blizz HQ.

Such amounts of procrastination don´t dissapear in weeks.

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Right. By no means do I count it as a victory, as the things they are going to do… should have been In The works in the first place. I do t see why they have to be dragged kicking and screaming off their high horse.

As customers, we can have some very high and weird expectations… but they don’t even seem interested in simple QOL items, like customizations.

I mean, they were nastily arrogant regarding GAMEPLAY!!! the thing that DOES move the game!!

Something QoL wise like customizations were probably deemed “punish duty” or something.

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Gameplay is too complicated, if they simplified it all, it would be a lighter load on themselves and the players. Not to make it mind numbingly easy… just give me less systems and more storied content.

Funy enough, most people praise the raid design. I guess that´s what happens when you put the previous raid designer in charge of the rest.

The raids are fun, but they do get too complicated. It’s like a snowball effect, they have to add more and more mechanics or else people will complain… lol

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Give male blood elves jewelry :triumph:

Give all blood elves arcane tattoos like we have on the TBC box art :triumph:


Good to see you here, a deal is a deal!!

People, if you could please contribute too to this kind Warlock´s goal of getting the locks some love in the form of their own stables, I´ll really appreciate it. Cause he´s here thanks to my input and I would love if not only me goes to help him on his thread (also I suspect most if not ALL of us have warlock toons and frankjly getting stables for the class only help us in the long run).


Thread for reference :V


So you mean all of them.

Omg i guess from the place you come they do look like this (I suppose RPing since such long times exposed you to the very worst of their kind).

Fen seems allright. And Nicòdemus at least has admitted to support OUR side in any “muh Silvermuun for MUH Helves” nonsense, so… they aren´t “rabidly” anti Belf at least.

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There’s always Mary Sue high elves in Silvermoon on WrA and they are all exactly the same—Bland perfect pure blonde haired blue eyed perfectly proportioned and flawless girls.

I have a no high elves comment in my TRP because my characters want to publicly execute them for being the traitorous scum poopooing on the graves of the dead by not calling themselves Blood Elves. And they deserve their heads on pikes but I don’t expect them to consent to the death they so richly deserve and I don’t want to reward their bad writing with attention.

I don’t enjoy playing with bland boring purity sues that are more shallow than the kiddy pool and more boring than a book assigned by a high school English teacher.

They’re constantly sending me whispers complaining about my refusal to play with them. They’re so offended that I’m not falling all over myself to play with their basic purity sue on the spot. They all tell me they’re not like the other girls, but their TRPs are always the same because they’re exactly like the other girls.

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Here you go

OP just politely asked Blizz. Didn’t demand BE’s get anything before any other race.


Lol, at this rate you and Ariël are going to take all my hearts from liking so many of your posts today. :yum: :yum: :yum:


I don’t really consider the botanist to be a druid. We used to have druids as our ancestors were present at Nordrassil when Ysera made the pact with the elves. It even states in the Chronicles we’ve retained our connection with nature even after not nurturing it for thousands of years. They retconned all of our druidism from us with rewrites in the story and lore. I think just a reversal of the retcons and adding in a hidden sect of the Farstriders would easily just allow us druidism. Just write that the Grovestriders a small sect of the Farstriders were kept secret and hidden for fear of retaliation from the Magisters. In the shadows they’ve kept watch over Eversong preventing it from becoming tainted like the Ghostlands, if only they had more within their ranks they might have been able to save the Ghostlands. Etc etc etc.

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