Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

What? The dragonbois? That’s the demon hunter demon form model. Worgen don’t have wings and those things aren’t just painted on, they’re part of the rig.


Riftblades are only an assumption. It’s a logical enough assumption, but only if class skins become a thing, and still just an assumption.

The Undead I linked literally have currently existing Paladin skills like Holy Light and Divine Storm.


And for the record, I had an explanation why I left out Blood Elf and Gnomes (again, don’t see y’all complaining about gnomes despite them having 2 less classes than you and being in WoW for 2 years before you) but someone told me I should remove it or you guys would attack me.

Gee, wouldn’t want that to happen now would I.

There’s only 1 known case of a blood elf druid, and that’s the boss in botanica. We kill him. To our knowledge, none of his students are alive, as we kill them as well. So that research would’ve died with him. And nothing in the game suggests any other blood elves remotely know druidic magic.

There’s no known cases of blood elf shaman. Yes, you could make one up, but the thread is about things that are either established or implied by existing things.

Likewise, there’s no known gnome paladins, shaman, or druids, and obviously no demon hunters.


It’s the female worgen skeleton. It’s very obvious if you compare their feet and how they attack with their claws.


Trust me. It’s horde bias simply because the horde also gets to play the race and class. These people are not happy unless they are treated as special


I mean, this is a blood elf thread.

There’s a Tauren Druid that’s been standing around Silvermoon since BC. Surely they could’ve taught some curious blood elves?

So what? It still looks absolutely nothing like a Worgen.


By that logic, every race could be druids. THere’s Night Elf druids in Azuremyst isle. There’s Night Elf and Worgen druids in Stormwind, etc.


Remember when these people were insisting vulpera was a completely different race so they are more like a core race than an AR? I member


In case it helps you see it.

Not the point? Skeletons are the defining feature, not the looks. Skeletons give them their animations and everything. And yes, we’ve seen they gave them a unique dance, but I severely doubt they’re going to go through and change all of their combat animations. Considering we see they share the melee animation with worgen in the trailer.


I’m sorry, but like… If those count as paladin (skin or otherwise) then the concepts outlined for blood elf druids should be valid.

It’s one of the most commonly requested classes to be added to blood elves…

Not pertinent to this thread, but I do think gnomes are also underrepresented.

Shaman or paladin should be ready pulls for gnomeregan gnomes and I think shaman or paladin could be done with some added work for Mechagnomes.

I’m not sure that’s the worgen skeleton myself but either way it’s not a worgen by any means.

Also their “human” form is only for female… Like these examples aren’t 1:1’s here.

If the Dracthyr were just recolored humans or whatever that would make sense but they’re very clearly not human.

Spite. As always.

This just supports my point on belf druid. The concepts outlined could easily fit blood elves just fine if the Riftblades are being used to count for paladins.

And I want to point out I am very happy for the concept of void paladins, personally, for the velves, Forsaken, Mag’har and maybe even the worgen. (better with worgen as that evens out the sides.)

Also minor quibble but both of these do use the Light.

The source is just through a different means than the more common Silver Hand or Hand of Argus approaches.

I take it night elves and draenei aren’t your favorite.

(ignore this part I’m just poking fun here.)

In what… Way? Did you not suggest they would use the void too?

They could do either it just makes more thematic sense for their church of forgotten shadow that they too use void if it’s an option.

This is actually done a lot.

Also npcs often use mana despite being classes that don’t use it.

Doesn’t go to either argument.

This is what I was thinking it might be…

I kinda want blizz to mention which rig it is… These things get so outta hand.

This is a weird argument in a blood elf thread…

Then remove paladins for velves or Forsaken…

There’s nothing for either.

Either make assumptions across the board or don’t.



Four toes, three toes. You can see it in the combat pose, the demon form and dracthyr both stand straight while female worgen mean forward.

They also hold their wings the same way.


Which includes Belf Druids. It’s not something I personally need. But you have to have some special agenda to be ignoring selectively what people have requested.

They absolutely do not. In lore the void counters the light.

No we were not. They don’t even stand the same nor have the same stature. We were just given another type of purple elf.


It’s the exact logic you used for Tauren Mages:

Their Mage cavern is for other races, like Undead mages.


I’ll show you the combat poses on discord. They really obviously don’t use the worgen combat pose but it’s identical to the demon hunter.


Exactly the point I was making.

Riftblade Kelain supports them not being Paladins, since he’s a Warrior.

Random NPCs who just happen to have mana bars don’t.

Lots of non-combat vendors have mana bars. They don’t mean anything on their own.


Except it doesn’t. If you can link me blood elf NPCs that are very obviously druids, other than the one in Botanica that is dead, feel free and I’ll add it to the thread. But there aren’t any to my knowledge.

I play both lol. The Void Elf skin tones just include that weird “Around the eyes” darkening which makes them look like they’re about to violently expel their lunch.

Yes, but I’m using the people’s here logic that refuse to read the thread and see I suggested they both use the void.


So you are gonna ignore this and then tell everyone Vold Elf Paladins are in lore, lolololololol.


I’d love Mechagnome Shaman. Cyborgs shooting lightning bolts? Come on, it’s perfect!


Honestly, I was hoping when they revealed Mechagnomes they’d have Shaman and Druid, and have a story about how being inside the crust of azeroth gave them a connection to the elements and azeroth/wild gods.

But alas. X_X

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I’d respect them more if they just admitted they only care about the alliance instead of lying