Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

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This isn’t really a suggestion… but also its neat.

I asked Somand to mock it up more because I just wanted to know what it would look like… but I think its neat.

By Somand

Somand’s recolor of the Heritage armor with coat in Blood Knight Colors with “Light Wings”.


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As far as this, if they were to give Blood Elves a unique “wing” like option you could pick what would you have it be?

Phoenix wings maybe?


Hilariously famous w a squad lol

Tbh I don’t dislike that picture but I am apprehensive to like it bcz I hate when people repurpose the BE heritage armor to try to finesse it for Alliance HE fans w High Elf colors yet BEs are HEs so if they did a recolor of the Blood Elf heritage it should be for BEs though I understand these are just a concept w the idea of wings we have in game already.

What I got the most is the way the wings display light tbh that exact effect but turned into mana hands(light hands) or light esque hair is what I get from those wings but thats less about a concept of wings and more something else.


Naaru style wings would make some degree of sense. The Sunwell was reignited by a Naaru core, and Liadrin’s refound faith came in the form of service to the Naaru.

That being said, I’d personally prefer phoenix wings if blood elves were to get wings of some kind.


Entirely fair.

Oh… oh no… now I want to see that effect on the hands and on a tattoo or as hair ends.

I do agree with this for that reason but it feels less Blood Elfy to me overall. Though I also wasn’t the biggest fan of the Blood Elves not continuing to “take” the Light in the first place.

Now I think on it they could do both. Especially if its a customization option rather than a mog related thing.


Yeah, Naaru stuff certainly doesn’t feel blood elfy. That’s why I’d prefer phoenix wings, they’d fit more with the blood elf theme.

I didn’t mind it, but it did happen awfully quick. Within the xpac they were introduced, their story was practically over.

That and it was dumb to have it delivered by Velen, only for faction conflict to be a minor theme in the very next xpac and a major theme in the two that came directly after that.


Okay I decided I would ask if Necromancer was a class introduced do you think BEs would or should get it?

I kind of feel like as it stands rn no, like warlock are a BC era obvious / now wouldn’t be as socially acceptable (?), but necromancer seems a bit more of a like something that would be really a hard sell for BEs? But then DKs already exist but they seem like a non point since everyone gets DKs and they’re undead / Ebon Blade.

If Undead / DR options went to Forsaken I especially feel like BEs wouldn’t get Necromancer

It was a convo and I said I felt like I’d wanna hear your take cause if you’re for BEs getting that class I feel like you’d explain it in a way I’d vibe w


What if a hypothetical Necromancer class had specs such as:

  • Hemomancy (Blood Magic) - Ranged DPS role focusing on dealing damage through direct damage spells.
  • Reanimation (Undead Creation/Animation) - Ranged DPS role focusing on dealing damage through a combination of direct damage spells and pets.
  • Spiritualism (Spirit/Soul Magic) - Healing Role that uses spiritual energy to sustain allies.

While the Reanimation spec would probably be unacceptable in Blood Elf society, the Hemomancy and Spiritualism specs might be less so. I was thinking of it in the same way there might be societies where Holy or Discipline Priests are acceptable, but a Shadow Priest might not be.

In a case like the above, Necromancer might not be so far-fetched for Blood Elves to have access to. It’s like how canonically Void Elf Priests are all Shadow. Using the example above, perhaps all Blood Elf Necromancers would canonically be Blood or Spiritualism specs.


I had seen this suggested as a spec for Necromancers before, and wasn’t really that enthused. But thinking of it in the context of it making the class make more sense for BEs, I like it.

It would basically be a way to add blood mages (the BfA ones, not the WC3 ones) via a spec.


That was my thinking as well!


Yeah I could see that.

I kind of can support it if BEs got undead options obviously, but if those “options” are just for BE hunters for example or go to Forsaken I feel like that well for one it doesn’t fulfill a level of visually distinct options that I am looking for but also it feels like Necromancer is a hard sell.

I could also see it if it was like some class skin or spec addition quest line through the SL covenants bcz they have a dif approach or vibe but if its strictly the Azeroth like necromancer idea it feels like a hard sell to BEs

I like the spec reasoning you added though that kinda works imo, I’m still looking for Mags opinion though it was a discussion and it was kinda split and I think Mag is most active on the forums and I kinda wanted to see how they’d reason for it if they supported it.

But ultimately if it was done the way you described I could see it more so now.

I like necromancers in that they fulfill the idea of a ranged and possible healing trio of specs and I feel like on principle the next class should be ranged / healing period. Selfishly if class skins didn’t happen my second fav idea is an Elisande like class w more time spells I think aesthetically it would be very nice but arguably could go to mages somehow too if they added a spec or class skins.


Yea, it really would come down to how Blizzard presents/designs a Necromancer class, if it would fit with Blood Elf culture or not. But it’s all hypothetical right now. We have no idea if we’ll see a new class at all in 10.0 or not. I guess we’ll have some idea in a week or so :slight_smile: