Biebz Arena Tip of the Day #6

You no longer have to travel to Nagrand or Blades Edge Mountain to queue arena. You can now safely social distance and join the battle using the default UI queueuing options!!

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You do have to travel to Boralus to queue arena in case you get Hook Point


Sounds like Blizzard still has us on the hook :wink:

Ba dum tiss!!

What good is it if you are charging someone as soon as the gates open? Only casters are properly complying with social distance norms.

My first game each session I get Hook Point I don’t get in during the pre match phase.

Does this seriously help? I figure it’s me having to load the entirety of Boralus, so there might be some truth to what you’re saying?

Yeah it does actually load all of Boralus so this can help for sure

Actually didn’t know this helped!

You’re welcome :wink:

Is there a place for Horde to do this?

I have a theory that people who can’t load into Hook Point have DRamless SSDs.

Aka peasants who deserve to d/c :tipping_hand_woman:t2: