Biebz Arena Tip of the Day #5

Arena composition is super important for pushing rating. You’ll want to play with classes that maximize each other’s strengths. One example of this is that you will NOT want to queue a fire mage with a frost mage because those are opposite elements and significantly weaken one another. The two schools will counteract, and if the spells are timed improperly could completely extinguish one another resulting in 0 damage being done.

Throwing water on a burning house = great!
Throwing water on a gpie = lolyoulose :crazy_face::rofl::crazy_face::clown_face:

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Yep. Same reason a Resto Shaman is a bad healer for a Fire Mage. Riptide into Combust=Wet Match.

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Rip frostfire bolt. This was the actual reason given for pruning it.

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The more you know.

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