<BibleBlack> 8/9M Is Now Recruiting/Merging!

BibleBlack is now recruiting competent and punctual DPS with mythic experience for BFD!
Uldir 7/8M Battle for Dazaralor 8/9M
Times are T-TH-Monday 10pm-1am EST

What We Are About

  • We are a very friendly, very inviting guild. We have fun on other games besides World of Warcraft. We are a serious raiding guild, but we also like to have fun.
  • We WILL NOT tolerate toxic behavior or anything of the like. We play to have fun and kill bosses, not deal with petty drama.

What We Expect

  • Excellent raid attendance. If you are going to be late or miss a raid night, let us know a few hours before raid starts. We do not like to sit there and wonder where you are.
  • Knowledge of your class and of the fights. We want you to have an alt geared and ready as well. We want you to be versatile in both classes and specs you are playing as. We want everyone to study the fights.

Classes we are recruiting
Ele Sham
Disc priest

If your class isn’t mentioned above, we still highly encourage any exceptional DPS/healer to trial due to our competitive raid roster.


  • DBM/Bigwigs
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • Weak Auras

We are also looking for guilds to merge INTO US. This will allow for raiders to help fill two raids with alts and create a more active community. If your guild already has a set raid with officers/leaders, we will not interfere with your system and will try our best to help wherever needed. The primary point of the merge is to just help both raids with attendance issues using alts.

Feel free to add us in game if you wish you’d like to talk more or have any questions!

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still looking!