Bgs are unplayable for ally unless you premade

It’s a 2:1 ratio of horde to alliance. I’m on this server. You claim it’s so bad yet spirit shards are owned by alliance at least 1/3 of the day, and it was over half of each day during the BG change.

Anyways, exaggerations aside, I can say with 100% certainty there are MORE than enough people to form a premade with on Herod alliance. Considering a specific guild called in multiple 70’s to kill me and a friend while we were level 65-69 and killing 70’s who jumped us - you can find plenty of people. There was an entire guild that has cycled players to “come save them” when they attacked first 2v2 with a 70+X and lost, then kept dying and complained after.

Find these people because they will queue for bgs. Maybe you’re in meh layers and split up more. You’re gonna have to use channels and other means more efficiently in order to find allies to group with. Good luck.

Same as 1 hour queue, completely players made problems. Deal with it.

I was on my Horde mage and played about 30 matches with 27 premades in a row.

Problem is the excessive bandwagon ideology of your faction draws better players to your side for the advantages.

You remember when the best players went Ally through WoD and the forums were filled with an ocean of Horde tears? It’s because players bandwagon to where the advantages are most obvious. Meaning WoD for Alliance and TBC for Horde.

Your faction isn’t inherently better then us - you are just drawing in the better player base to carry you during the expansion where your team has all of the advantages

My win rate last week actually improved to 50%A/50%H from 47%A/53%H.

You trolling the server is literally dead on ally side

Why can’t we? Racials give horde a massive advantage in BG’s over alliance. This isn’t just ‘whining’, its fact.

Bro… most Horde are still trying to gear THEIR MAIN. This is textbook tone deaf.

Trust me, racials are not making the major difference for you in BGs. It’s weird how the Horde had a whole weekend of playing against their own “broken racials” and it didn’t seem to phase us one bit.

Literally the only bg I have ever struggled with is AV as alliance. That’s it.

This is the only BG that alliance DOESNT struggle as much. The other 3 BG’s are 90% loss ratio as alliance.

Lol I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about AB, WSG, and EOTS I have a positive win ratio. Especially in eots. AV is sort of silly it almost always ends with a turtle.

Idk what you’re on about that ally don’t struggle with av that’s sort of silly

Whole faction is tilted.

They are using their own personal experience, which they have obviously hyperbolized to a degree that shows they don’t actually record their wins and losses, to say all Alliance as a whole lose constantly. You see, they won’t admit that their losses are their own, and so cognitive dissonance has to blame faction imbalance, premaes, racials, anything that excuses their own performance.

Is there any actual data that Alli lose all the time? I see people quoting 90% loss, where is this coming from?

I’ve been PVPing non-stop last 2 days and have lost more games than won in AB, WSG, and tied in AV (2-2). This included both Alli premade and pugs though the pre-made ended in a complete stomp every single time.

Yeh it probably the same people just sitting mid in wsg. Fighting on roads in AB. Sitting in mid fighting for the flag in eots when someone is holding the flag. It’s really not that hard to win these bgs even without a premade and just type to people on what to do every now and then.

I will say alliance do lose AV most of the time.

They’re crying and talking out of their a$$. I feel like I lose a majority of the time except for AV. If I had to guess, it’s probably 60/40 in favor of alli. I could be wrong.

Alliance players have more pvp gear so they have the advantage. I do not understand how shortening the que time for horde is in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM a disadvantage to alliance players. It just sounds like a bunch of whiney nerds want to whine and cry for absolutely no reason

Yea this is like, an old school issue too. Because it was always considered Alliance had the map advantage, and even larger of an advantage when the start location was changed. But they still lost an unfair amount of times. And the thought process was that it was a self defeating mentality. The idea that Alliance will always lose makes people not try to win, but rather play for self interest with the idea of losing anyway. It’s generally accepted that the side that plays to win, and believes they will generally perform better and do win.

So it’s no surprise that all the Alliance complaining they never win are in the position they are.

I was arguing vs a horde player the other day that argued Horde still got better honor than Ally pugs because Ally has a losing mentally which I agreed with. He was arguing that horde wouldnt faction change because even if they did they would still gear slower and be playing with a worse pvp faction.

Maybe they dont gear slower but its pretty close Ally pugs are brutal to play and losing every game is terrible.