Bgs are remerged?

I am on a west coast server and faced a herod premade for the first time in months. Was there a blue post I missed or something what’s going on? I’ve been losing a lot of games today and chocked it up to bad luck, but this may be worse than bad luck. This is very bad luck

Yes. Reunited at last :heart:

Yes, I’ve definitely noticed that there seems to be a pretty large difference in average skill level between the Eastern and Western battlegroups.

Notice certain realms just afk, sit, ghost walk. I want realms separated again.


yeah man these east coast horde grief way harder too i been gettin chased all day in 5 cap abs

This sucks. Eastern server alliance is garbage. I don’t want to be lumped with them again.

We of Deviate Delight shall take your insult and ignore it because we are a fortified island in a stormy sea.