BG today!?!?! What what?!?! Hellz yeah!


Thank you blizz for noticing death runs all over the world for alliance is killing alliance in game times and subs.

Thank you for releasing bgs today! We love you!!!


where’d you see that?

its not the 10th


This is the second post I’ve read where some random comes on here celebrating the release of BGs today, which is in fact not happening. Who or what is spreading this rumor?


aren’t we all?


I don’t know about you, but I am a delicate and special snowflake.

Edit: this is a joke. No need to take it in an absolutely literal sense.


Name checks out


You can be both “delicate and special” as well as “some random.” They’re not mutually exclusive terms.


Don’t you guys get it? She’s a Troll.


In this context the only non-randoms would be blue posts, but it does seem like a pointless distinction. None of us aren’t randoms.


It was a joke.


Don’t quit your day job. Unless your day job is comedy.

(Phibbus) #12

There’s nothing in the universe more random than a blue post.


Especially when they comment with one word, bypassing the character filter.


wow BGS released today? this is great news! celebration


The OP is a troll named Moistdiaper. Need more be said???


The BG queue npcs are up (ironforge)…were they up before? :open_mouth:


BGs literally 1 week away.

Kinda neat.


When it’s all you got, sometimes it’s like winning 8 bucks on a lottery ticket.