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I wonder if they have to reload everything from scratch each time they find/fix a game-breaking bug.

Poor server engineers.


Cdew is not happy. I’m not sure what he was attempting to do.

I feel his pain. I had marks stored in my mailbox to jumpstart my gear too. They expire after 24 hours which will be AFTER servers are back up. :cry:

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Why did the marks have to be stored in a mailbox?

Can only have 20 in inventory for classic. That goes to 100 in TBC. If I had 20 marks in my bag, it mailed me my marks.

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I wonder if it was all the marks y’all were storing in mailboxes…


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I would assume no since it affected all players and not everyone would have had marks in their mailbox. Sounds like it’s something a little more complex than that.

They have an expired mail recovery so I’m really not that concerned. Even if I don’t get them back, I’ll being doing bgs for honor anyway.

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I was kidding… slightly…


What?! Since when?!

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That’s just evil! If you only knew how painful it is to get AB marks as alliance. :wink:

And this gear has brought out every quest geared level 60 on poverty mounts with a “let them win for the ez mark” attitude.

15 day cooldown, I believe.

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Thanks! Never knew we had that option.

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lol very funny

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The wife was asking why it was taking so long yesterday because it’s a 15 yr old game and I responded with well the game 15 years ago didn’t have a cash shop.

Now here they are somewhat confirming the cloning service/cash shop items is what held them up.

I’m just amazed at the people that take off work for blizzard releases.


It was good times dueling premades 58s on the ptr.

So now I’m stuck even more between druid and rogue LOL… and maybe warrior because it was surprisingly fun and at least can prevent getting feared into oblivion just to be drained after…

I’m gonna wait a bit. I imagine Blizzard will be hotfixing stuff today and tomorrow. Other players can have the honor of beta testing Blizzard’s new servers and services.

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Rogue is always a staple in the playbook lol.

End of TBC is when boomies got the boomkin nickname which is the balance patch we got. I think starfire is the hardest hitting ability in this expansion. I’m a sucker for big numbers.

I’m struggling with the same decision on what to boost. But I also have my lock to alt instead of one of these two.

smart move. funny how people have no faith in blizzard’s products lolol

I logged in this morning just to dump all the stuff my AH goblin has been hoarding for a while in an attempt to gouge help out all the new Jewelcrafters get their skill points.

Tonight will probably be rebuilding my UI and keybinds for all the cool new Paladin toys, then my leveling partner goes to her weekend ER shifts so I have 5 days of just not being able to do much on my main.


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Kicking everyone out of bgs they are winning? not cool blizz not cool. Whole realm in all 3 bgs got kicked out of winning games.

What are yalls thoughts on the honor nerf in the prepatch? Seems off personally.

Well I didn’t get kicked out of a losing AV so I got my one mark and 70 honor. That’s right, 70 honor for 23 minute game. This is getting more painful by the day!

Supposedly, 107 hours of AV, as alliance, with a 50/50 win/loss to get a 2h only. 170 hours as horde with the longer queue times. Glad I already had all the rank 12 gear because anyone trying to get all of the gear is in for a long, excruciating grind.

It seems overkill to me and when you combine it with getting kicked from 75% of the games before they end, it’s a disaster. “So since we can’t fix the bgs so you actually stay to earn all of the honor from the bg and the mark, we’ll just go ahead and punch you in the face with a big honor nerf.”

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Yea the math doesn’t seem right but who knows. Google doesn’t give much. A couple different friends have told me that honor per kill is way off. I’m hoping that’s the case to discourage this stupid sit at the gates afk meta.