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And of course, nothing mentioned about PvP at all :yawning_face::zzz:

Calling it now: there won’t be any new BGs in this one either

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The classic era theme is straight up just ascension wow lol I am 100% going to play it.
Delves are just scenarios.

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VOID MOMMY IS MY NEW WIFE <3 like i really hope this means void elfs get more void like options !!!


She is very cute for sure. I want her armour for transmog though so…


that new 10v10 BG looks neat. I wonder how it plays, seems like 2 train tracks going opposite direction.


If you have questions after BlizzCon:

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im excited to try it out tbh

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No new bgs plz, we only need wsg ab and maybe Tp everything else is a waste of space and time.

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What will happen to Warmode?

so its an entirely different game, but a map in heroes of the storm had the same exact mechanic and it was incredibly fun honestly

i really look forward to it and i think it’ll be good unlike seething shore

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What do you mean? it should still be there unless they brought it up in some way.

If anyone is curious what Ghostcrawler and Holinka are up to, they’re doing a Q&A about their new studio making a new MMO:

there is no such thing as new mmos only wow.

Also I wanna tell you guys about a dream I have been having recently its really odd.

Idk if anyone here has played quake but keep in mind its colour and texture schemes.

Basically in my dream I am playing a game like quake but not like looking at a screen but in the actual game right, except the map is wrong. Like the angles are all off and its super unsettling plus there are no enemies so its just empty space+ the quake soundtrack ( which is pretty unsettling by itself gj nine inch nails btw)

So I just run around aimlessly in this map where everything is just a tiny bit off like everything is slightly to the left or something. Idk its not a scary dream but I wake up feeling unsettled and slightly disturbed like the geography of the map unsettles me.

Thank you for reading my dream diary.

Sounds like your mind penetrated through the dim miasma of reality to a place of the unmentionable Old Gods, where vast cyclopean architectures stand cold and absolute, their non-Euclidean geometries assaulting your senses and engendering an evasive and degraded feeling of synesthesia that recalled primal instincts of terror in your soul.

You must be cautious now, the bond is being established. You must break it, if you can…

I am kinda just hoping the hounds of tindalos dont notice me.

If smoke begins to pour out of those mis-angled corners, then it is too late…

Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Anyone notice BGs are extra sweaty all of a sudden?

Not sure if it’s the influx of returning players (for the patch) or what, but almost every match feels “sweaty” like an RBG, with tryhard types left and right :roll_eyes:

Last night I happened to zone into a Warsong Gulch and my goodness it felt awfully similar to an RBG - just a sweaty experience from start to finish :hot_face: Then a Hotmogu Temple, same thing - a sweaty meatgrinder in that “box” in mid

Then a few epics, and every single one was sweaty/full of tryhard types as well :man_facepalming:

Wasn’t even premades from what I saw (none of the usual premader names on the board such as Gyoyomi, Oca, Cinco, etc), looked like just random names/pugs - but for whatever reason the pugs in the water currently are UNUSUALLY sweaty/tryhard-y. I’m guessing it must somehow be related to the new 10.2 patch

I can’t be the only one that noticed, lol

Maybe PvPers are trying to bank honor points this week on all their toons.