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Theoretically, we might reach a point where only diehard Alliance fans remain on the Alliance faction.

I’m actually kinda impressed that the Classic devs are willing to make such a drastic change in order to improve gameplay (for Horde players).

When we had bg queue time issues on Retail, their solutions were wait-and-see-if-it’ll-fix-itself, here’s mercenary mode, and maybe pay for a faction change? Meh…

Blizzard can claim there’s still a tiny bit of RP.

I woulda been more impressed if they implemented an actual good fix.

That’s what PvE is for basically at this point. Although we got weird sl thing that doesn’t make much sense.

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Don’t forget to leave feedback!


I’ll do that in the space where it asks why you are unsubbing.


How can I leave feed back, I don’t have a horde classic toon to test it with and I doubt alliance will see any same faction games



I wish I had your strength.

I guess you’ll see if these changes affect Alliance players in any way.

A 4 day test won’t impact alliance. There’s nothing for us to leave feedback on, but if/when it is actually implemented, alliance will feel the impact given time. It will be too late then.

I beg to differ:

It doesn’t impact our game play over the test period. Players who feel betrayed or disappointed that Blizzard even considered this option have already left their feedback, as you’ve already quoted.


How so? Like it’s just an additional thing that will wear over time on alliance populations. It will just continue the slow bleed of people to horde for people to play with. 4 days ain’t going to show jack.

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I was saying the Alliance was highly impacted by the loss of Squeektoy.


I beg to differ. :wink:

On a more serious note, if this does become a part of tbcc, I’ll likely follow Squeek out the door. They will have ruined tbcc for me. I stuck around to watch alliance die a slow death once. I don’t want to watch it a second time.

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I understand. That is important feedback if this change will cause you to stop enjoying/playing the game. Everyone is so focused on the Horde players. We should also bring up how this change is affecting Alliance players.

Oh wow, they are actually reading the feedback and moderating the thread in real-time :face_with_monocle:

I refreshed the page and it went from “34” replies to “27” replies, so you can tell there is a real human being keeping an eye on it.

They’re not messing around, probably a response to all the threats from Alliance posters that said they would “flood” or “storm” the thread in protest.

EDIT: accusations of “they’ve gone full Soviet Union” starting to fly, apparently they’re deleting any posts that are criticism of the change - while leaving up posts praising the change

EDIT 2: thread just went from 43 replies to 40 replies, they deleting criticism fast :joy:

Here’s a post that just got deleted

I get the feeling they’re checking if the people leaving feedback have queued up for bgs yet (after the same-faction changes went into effect).

I don’t think it’s an “if”

There no way they can give this out for 4 days and take it away. They may shut it down temporarily to fix things like /yell being readable on both sides, but this is here to stay.

Give me my moment of optimistic hope, Debbie Downer! :wink:


That’s the current plan though.

This new matchmaking system is gone with the next weekly reset, so Blizzard can analyze the data/feedback they gathered.

They are only going to take it away for a time, it’s as good as good as a done deal in regards to it being a permanent thing. Horde are loving it. That will outweigh the other considerations.

Tsataga is right, it will only go away for a brief time needed to fix some of the technical issues. That is, unless they can hotfix it. I don’t believe it will go away even temporarily if said fixes are easy enough.