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Well… I started playin classic in Feb and I’m at 57 on my highest toon.

I don’t think I’m a very good example lol.

*on the new house front- everything passed inspection/appraisal and we are cleared and have a closing date so it’s as official as it can be without having actually received the keys


Also depends on what you’re leveling. Prot pallies and mages AoE’ing mobs vs a spriest wanding solo pulls. :rofl:

Back from a week on the beach and ready to level past 68 on the spriest before finishing up the mage. Anyone hit 70 yet? Checking to see where I stand in the race. :wink:


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How’s 9.1?


Same-faction bgs in Classic.

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This is… unexpected. And disappointing.

Edit meant the blue post not that one particular response lol.


This really is a big disappointment. I honestly have a hard time believing they would even “test” something like this on a classic game. It definitely dumps all over the integrity of the classic experience.


Yeah, I’m shocked and kinda impressed?

It’s such a drastic change compared to the stuff they do on Retail.

I understand why people would be upset by this though, especially on Classic.

They’ve opened Pandora’s box. They might as well give us xmog now too.

The best part is that this is 100x better than Mercenary Mode.

Why on earth isn’t this how Retail battlegrounds work?


Yes, and LFG and barber shop and let’s just go the whole 9 yards now. Obviously, staying true to TBC is not something they intend to do.


And free on-the-fly talent loadouts along with some on-demand purchasable boosts. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s okay. They aren’t real BGs. They are just military training exercises exclusive to the Horde (who don’t need the training, alliance does :P)

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So I was afk/hadn’t checked the forums since this morning. Just now had a quick skim-thru of the board and it looks like a :poop:-storm is already starting to brew over this :laughing:

I see that the blue post is less than 4 hours old, but is already 1.4k+ replies :face_with_hand_over_mouth::popcorn:

Back on Tuesday, when the patch was almost unplayable with all the lag/DCs, I fired up TBCC and started a Night Elf Druid (over on Pagle) to pass the time.

Only got to level 12 and now this suddenly comes out of nowhere… ugh. I guess I got lucky in that I only wasted about 5 hours on it.

Will be re-rolling a Horde alt instead as a result of this announcement from the blues.

No it’s not. It’s a terrible solution that will chip away at alliance populations. Make servers even more one sided. If they wanted to address faction ques in this way they should have actually just went all in.

Let horde players play with alliance. That way the alliance wouldn’t just die off. Possibly the dumbest, half arsed fix I’ve seen.

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It’s a great solution if you’re looking to fix bg queue times permanently. Players don’t have to go to some random NPC to enable mercenary mode, etc.

But yeah, probably not that good for the smaller faction. Guess we’ll see if the Alliance population continues to dwindle or if it stays the same size at a certain point.

No it’s not… It’s half arsed. Like I said… They should have just gone all in and allowed cross faction grouping at this point.

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That would have been even better, but that solution also has bigger lore/RP issues.

You’re basically saying screw lore at this point :roll_eyes: military exercises? When you start on both sides? When the whole point is one side is controlled by one faction and the other the other. Like ab has actual ends in the world. Hilariously terrible. Not to mention both sides have worked together every single expansion.

Nope… It’s a dumb half arsed fix honestly.

They sorta started the problem when they gave paid boosts. Made it easy to roll horde. A problem they helped perpetuate should have a better solution. Free or discount horde to alliance faction changes to targeted servers (which could also help balance unbalanced servers), increased xp gains for alliance, but instead they implement a change that pretty much gives alliance the middle finger.