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wow wow wow?!?!

Is he… back???


Quick! Throw a pokeball or something before he gets away! :grin:

Flight updates.

Saw nyc to Barcelona for $237 round trip nonstop for a weekend in April.

Just talked to the lady of the house.

By this weekend we will 100% book a weekend Europe Coronavirus trip.

I spent most of my day at work looking at flights


Bessings of the Greatfather Nurgle upon your vacation.

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Can I put my souvenir order in now? Jamón ibérico, Orujo, and a new Paella pan would be awesome. :grin:

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Nice. It’s been a big problem.

That’s Classic WoW for ya :joy:

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It’s gotta go on for months and mass leaving before they do anything.
‘Keep sending reports guys!! Sometimes we might look at them lol’


Yowch, they desperate to fill them planes.

Just now logged onto my Alliance Pally alt, queued up LFR as tank for kicks and giggles (just to see/observe the clownshow that is LFR Nzoth :smiling_imp: )

Zone in, see 10 stacks of determination, leave group immediately :laughing:

Scrolled up in the chat after zoning out, apparently “almost the entire raid left at 8 stacks” according to one Fury Warrior that had been there since the beginning.

So literally 25-30 people had cycled thru the revolving door as people left/bailed out. Also saw some comments about “can determination go past 15?” and “last time i saw 10 stacks was the Shrine raid” (probably a reference to Uu’nat LFR).


Pretty sure this is the second sweep. First sweep happened like 2 weeks ago. It’s crazy. Wrecks AV.

If they think I’ll be in AV with this goin on though to report, better think again. I’ll not be doing the job the GM staff they gutted should be doing.

Wonder how long horde actually queues are now. Over a month ago was one hour +

Not sure what it is now, but last I read on the classic forum it was an hour plus.

Actually was supposed to be AV.

Yeah, AV is what I mean. Some weird thing about an Ally boycott? I dunno, a bunch of hubbub to me, but like I said last I read Ally were on strike, horde queues were ridiculous and they had made the first afk/bot sweep.

Playing that classic av to see 3 pvp deaths because of people being slow out of the caves and caught at the bottlenecks to then watch the bg end in 7 minutes really took the wind out of my sails.

Playing Classic definitely showed me where I got my twinking roots.

PVPing at max level was so… tedious. Nobody was playing for fun OR to win, but to gain the most honor.

Thats why I started twinking. Then BC came out and people started trying to win games because you got more marks of honor which you could purchase gear, and max level PVP was fun again.


Same here Sock.

Part of me really looks forward to Classic BC but on the other hand I have a bad feeling that the modern wow mindset will destroy it just like classic bgs.

Is that a reality?