BG forums lounge (Part 1)

yes ! i have the darth maul book , both the star wars the force unleashed book and the fatal alliance book (both r very very very good reads btw ) , i have the book of the sith which is my bible i live by . The star wars encyclopedia , star wars dark legends and star wars dark force rising .

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Is there a BG discord where we host community events?

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IDK but id join it if someone made a bg forums discord lel

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How’s it year 21 or whatever of this game and we don’t have a BG Discord :open_mouth:

im sure ppl have them somewhere maybe

For those who’ve been following the macro cheating/exploiting scandal:


Holy moly, how did i not know about this. Cheaters gonna cheat -.-


I saw a video from Venruki yesterday and it had some example in game.

Crazy things.

That part with the shaman blew my mind. Crazy dps. (4:53)

So just so you know, I’m gonna assume everyone who beats me from now on is using these cheats! :stuck_out_tongue:


Going to have to pick those up now.

My favorites are
the admiral thrawn series, both legends and Disney. (Disney’s thrawn is better written than legends, but legends has the better plot)
Darth bane series, legends
Darth plagueis, legends
And the boba fett series from when i was a kid.

I wanted to get into the comics from Darkhorse but it’s too expensive considering that star wars comics on youtube provides it for free

All this talk about starwars is going to make me quit starfield and get me on my 4th run of sith warrior.

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Unironically i agree, the amount of times ive had to disagree with myself (theyre not cheating, i just screwed up mentality) when the could have actually been cheating. Maybe i am good at the game!

I liked your other mog go back to it


The irony is that the cheating and botting has gotten more severe and more prominent as more EU players have been coming to NA servers.

I warned the arena forums a long time ago about this. You import third world, you become third world. The NA region needs to build the Firewall and make the EU pay for it.

yessss eventually i want to get the Mandalorian book but first i gotta pay off dentist bill n then maybe for xmas ill buy it for myself, did u se ein the latest swtor update they added thrawns and ahsoka outfit

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Yeah I saw ashoka, but didn’t realize they added in the thrawn set. I still have some cartel coins left over I might get it and run a imperial agent play through.

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yeah it looks really nice ! i been so busy with mortal kombat 1 rn that i ha vnt had time for any other games atm

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As a hanzo hasashi fan I cannot condone the new mortal kombat.

Fighting games are bottom tier video games.

Them are fighting words Tosk.

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idk i think he looks pretty darn good right next to reptile and havik , sad my erron black isnt in the game tho he was my cowboy .

wells top being a button masher then :yum: :sob: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_peeking_eye: :smiling_face_with_tear: :crazy_face: :melting_face: :melting_face: :upside_down_face: :wink:

Wrong, FPS are bottom tier video games, just above sports games.

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