BG forums lounge (Part 1)

I borrowed my brothers spare computer and used parts to replace things that were playing up.
I just figure no point in spending money on a comp if I plan to play classic.

I saw the minimum requirements on classic and it made me smile. Brought back memories of having a pc below their minimum requirements and buying a gpu that wouldn’t fit in the case so my dad took out a saw and cut a hole in the case for the gpu to stick through.

My computer use to overheat, I just took the sides off.

4 years later I could take the dust off with a spoon.

I swear my phone could run it :joy:


Don’t make her get the step stool!


How is it I see people posting gifs and pictures but when I try it yells at me no links?

Forum trust levels. Scroll down a little bit in that first post, you’ll see trust levels explained.

And if you want to find out your own trust level…

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yeah not only do you have to grind in game, you have to grind on the forums now as well.


'ello loves.

Yeah I’ll never become trusted… I tend to eat a forum ban about once every 2-3 months…I’m about due for one any time I’m sure.


You know looking at the rules I should be trusted at lvl 3 but apparently I am not so I feel there is some inconsistency here

I can throw some flags your way to help speed it along so you can get it out of the way?

I doubt it would work since nobody pays attention to you anyway!

Sounds like whoever is running this Forum Ship needs a Haymaker!

I actually have one of those step ladder things. Looks just like that in fact.

Hey wait a minute!!

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Are you back or just passing through?

Passing through, leave for a few months soon :frowning:

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Get back to work!

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Haven’t played in 5 days and come back to this:


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Wow lol now that’s from the heart.

Did you go through with the wedding?
Was Bob in the cake?
Are you rolling heals?

We have so many questions…

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