BFA Warfront 'Battle for Darkshore' is STILL BUGGED!


It’s been at least a full week and this instance zone is still an unresolvable mess! It cannot be completed currently as the Final Boss battle cannot be initiated. I’ve reported it to Blizzard, as I’m sure many of you have as well. I’m sure their technical team is aware of this issue & are currently addressing it. Be patient. I’m as frustrated as the rest of you are…>>>STAY TUNED! DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL!!<<<


Same for me and many others…2 days ago entered Darkshore rezzed right on the Boss barge , myself and others could not attack the boss , had to leave and suffer the 30 min deserter penalty . Today ( wed jan 2nd ) entered darkshore found myself and several others on the alliance ship just off shore ( all other group members already on shore ) we had to swim to shore only to start seeing in text chat people saying they can’t attack the boss so again we all leaving the instance and again having to suffer the 30 min deserter penalty…This " bug " is getting annoying…

(Baltysalls) #3

I logged into one where the biss was not attackable, i left and didnt get deserter.