BFA Unholy Death Knight Feedback (Cont.)

(Inemia) #549

the vast majority is split between wounds and not wounds, so either we get multiple playstyles or a 4th spec or half of the vast majority will always be upset.


Personally i don’t care, wounds, no wounds, I’ve found both playstyles to have fun elements and both to have annoying elements.

I do believe those advocating non-wounds are looking through rose colored lens glasses when talking about it’s complexity but regardless.

For BFA best I expect is some band-aiding, after BFA I hope the entire dev team sits down and evaluates just what their plan is with the classes, cause the direction they are going right now is not fun for the majority of classes and specs.

(Lahgtah) #551

I don’t care about wounds, either. I had fun in Legion, but I don’t have fun in BfA. The spec felt very “whole” in Legion, at least 7.2.5 onwards. Every talent had a use, most legendaries were good for it even if they weren’t the best for the spec, and there were many more procs/variables to keep track of. Individually they were small, yes, but they added up, allowing one to really push themselves if they wanted to.

I used to joke about needing 5 eyeballs to do a full and proper AoE rotation as unholy in Legion(I don’t use weak-auras or anything else to help rotations. Saps the fun out of the game), but it wasn’t a complaint; I loved it. I felt good when I was able to pull it off successfully, especially so when the spec wasn’t very good before 7.2.5(of course, that’s just me and my personal affinity towards the ugly-ducklings and trying to prove nay-sayers wrong.)

In BfA, the core of unholy isn’t all that different. In fact, it hasn’t changed much at all. It’s the stuff outside of the core of the spec that’s gone, leaving it feeling “bare” and “basic.” If we just kept most of our artifact traits inherent to the spec itself, and moved forward with them, I’d still be actively playing BfA as I was nearly every day in Legion.

Disease snapshotting or wound gameplay, I don’t really care. I would love to see unholy get more disease/DoT gameplay, certainly, but I don’t mind wounds. That doesn’t mean I’d weep if they were gone, though.

(Tyfus) #552

Exactly this.
It’s ridiculous to say that we shouldn’t give feedback because devs aren’t willing to make changes. It’s the enabling of that kind of lazy attitude that’s landed us in this mess in the first place.

Talents should give us different play styles because that’s what they were intended to do. This doesn’t mean that every talent choice has to redefine the spec, instead they should change the way we make small decisions. Just because blizz has been shooting for the bare minimum lately, doesn’t make it okay to have bad talents/traits.

Talents are the perfect mechanism for giving players choice between the wound/disease split. Moreover, the spec has to stand on its own before talents/traits come into play. They should add to the spec, not fix it. They’ve done this in the past with tier and it’s absolutely terrible design.


We do not want Nerotic Strike as our choice and rather have AMZ

(Tyfus) #554

While I love the idea and look of AMZ it has to be Abom. We need the dps in PvE and AMZ is not one of our go to talents in all pvp situations.


They said the essence isnt intended for PvE. So basically if it sucks for PvE, they dont care.

That means were getting Necrotic Strike.

(Tyfus) #556

They’re giving contradictory info by the looks of it then, since a CM already implied that they should be usable in PvE.


Well they can’t leave it as is regardless of whether it’s primary function is PvP or PvE, I mean if the sole purpose was to allow an extra talent in PvP why not just have it function in that area. But they’ve kind of open themselves a can of worms because either all classes have to get a good PvP-PvE trait, or they all have to get a poor PvE trait otherwise it’s going to cause more issues in dungeons / raids.

(Apparition) #558

Remember that they can tweak the PvE aspect of abilities vs the PvP options just look at various durations for CC in PvP vs PvE.
That being said they have said they don’t want the PvP essence to provide an ability in PvE which is completely overpowered for a certain class vs another. The key is the choice is supposedly one which will not be game breaking in PvE but provide some level of function which can be useful to a certain degree.

Any talents which provide a significant DPS increase or a function which does something so disproportionate in terms of PvE game play like a Magic Cleanse every 15 seconds or a Full Debuff Cleanse and Agro Dump every 30 seconds might be something impacts various PvE fights in favour of these choices.

Lastly it needs to be one which actually does do something in PvE and right now Necrotic Strike has no synergy whatsoever regardless of the fact that it’s core use just has no PvE elements to it at all. While they could make changes to NS to give it some level of function in PvE it’s just wasting time when they could use something like AMZ which provides an interesting cooldown for the DK and isn’t game breaking and easily balanced for both PvE and PvP.


if you havent seen the latest developer insights video, you should. ion discusses future class philosophy - and what he said gives me hope about the future of unholy.

(Myronas) #560

I’m curious on his thoughts about our utility being taken away and given to DH’s.

Im also curious to know if we are getting baseline AMZ back.

Heres to hoping that the Diseases/Strikes/Minions philosophy comes back.


I’m exactly the same way lol.