BFA Unholy Death Knight Feedback (Cont.)

(Gurthäng) #529

Thank you for not letting me waste any more time whit you with that reply.

(Inemia) #530

monk is still a builder spender.

would you mind explaining your “rotation” for modern unholy? because i find that its a lot more dynamic than just build>spend>build>spend. more often than not im only running with 2-3 wounds on a target, interweaving DC/Epic/DS based on RC procs and lining up CDs for boss phases.

(Inemia) #531

the majority of modern nuance is relegated to pvp simply because it doesn’t sim right. and thats the real issue here, the sim spec isn’t fun to play, unholy in pvp is a blast, and you can really go with any talent/aztrait build you want, tailor it to suit your own style. BfA is a pvp expansion in that pvp is the only place left to truly customize your toon.

(Gurthäng) #532

Read the other posts i was talking about wotlk unholy

(Inemia) #533

i read them and im aware, but im pointing out that there isn’t much nuance in the modern spec either. there was basically 0 in the wrath model, a little bit in the modern model, and a ton in pvp.

(Gurthäng) #534

Never said there was, i was just pointing that ppl remenber wotlk with too much nostalgia and forget how it really was or made up “nuances”.
Ppl say that about classic too when it really was pressing 1-2-3-4 for almost every spec and a crapload of situational/useless skills.

(Myronas) #535

Still waiting for Combo Points to be taken out of the spec. Oh I’m sorry, Festering Combo Wounds, ah crap, I meant Combo Wounds, I mean Festering Wounds.

Sorry, it’s hatd for me to tell the difference apart from abilities and rotations built around that playstyle that dont yet exist for DK.

(Krissignacia) #536

there should be multiple playstayles for unholy cuz they all sorta fit. pick one and dont bother with the other 2

(Fookí) #537

their dps isn’t built around an 8min cd either. this is the biggest obstacle we have in getting our ST buffed… it’s sad the devs don’t see it or want to believe this is the key.

(Fookí) #538

bad analogy, heh…
if y’all are anything like me, i have a favorite fork and spoon that i will look for and grab when reaching for utensils to eat, stir my coffee, to cook with, etc. and you better not take my fork or spoon before i do- THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!

(Lahgtah) #539

Favorite because it’s functionally different, or because it’s aesthetically different?:wink:

(Fookí) #540

how could it be functionally different? the forks are all forks; the spoons are all spoons. i’ve just grown attached to certain ones- therefore they’re mine and i (for the most part) refuse to eat using a different one! =P


I refuse to let this threads last posts to be about forks lol

What changes do you think are going to come for Unholy in 8.2? There doesnt seem to be much happening in terms of news on class balance for the new patch.

(Inemia) #542

claw got nerfed on the ptr


unholy needs a choice in play style so the people with have their way to play

(Inemia) #544

something like this?:

(Gurthäng) #545

Yes, because devs are gonna add and balance 2 dif playstyles. You ppl are more delusional than those asking for 2 hand frost. Be glad with what you have and stop whining, if you dont like it, play something else.

(Fookí) #546

yeah… all these dks yelling for 2h frost… i just wanna DW on unholy again! :slight_smile:

(Myronas) #547

“Be glad with what you have.”

Thats cool, I can learn to love this steaming pile.


this isnt how feedback threads work, sorry. besides, the vast majority of people arent asking for 2 different playstyles in the same spec.