BFA Unholy Death Knight Feedback (Cont.)

(Inemia) #509

except that is the exact issue with unholy atm, we have pitiful ST DPS outside of using army with lust. the spell selection and choice complexity is there, it just needs the numbers tuned right. putting in maximum effort to eek out every last bit of DPS only to see autoattack and ghoul autoattack at the top of the chart is somewhere between frustrating and heartbreaking.

the spec that does need a mechanical overhaul and not just a simple numbers tune is frost.


i definitely agree with you in the sense of mid-expansion balancing. but i was referring more to class design theory in general. you can continue reading where you left off lol

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are you always like this?

(Fookí) #512

ok, so i went back a read the whole response…

really? decision making on which 4 buttons to press? classes are so dumbed down now; there really isn’t much decisioning needed to be made. i do agree, they do play a lot smoother when skills or attacks line up better instead of spamming a crappy filler or swinging away for white damage while waiting for your one and only nuke comes off cd.

yeah, my last sentence about all of this was more of a generalization. while the pve still stands true, i know we finally got a pvp fix in the survivability category… still doesn’t change the fact that our ST damage sux- army needs to be nerfed and put on a 3 or 5min cd, depending on the damage removed, and our minion needs his white damage reduced a bit so the devs can buff our diseases, attacks, …something.

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oh, i was deary. :wink:


no, i completely agree with you. i wasnt defending our current system - which i also think is dumbed down (see my “discussion” with the other dk). i wish the spec was more nuanced like it was before. do i think it was perfect back then? definitely not. but i will say that i personally think it was more engaging and easier to balance numerically and conceptually than what we have now. our talents dont even properly compliment our base skill set. the devs wanted talents to be interesting choices. but theyre either no choice at all (unholy frenzy) or choosing between your left leg and right arm.

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yeah, i’ve been reading everything here- i’ve agreed with both sides of this debate with different points of view.

(Inemia) #516

thats how PVE ST works, there will always be a set of talents/gear/traits that results in the max dps, every class has this issue. the problem is when you assume that is your only option to play.

if you want to call discussion you patronizing me with the skill and attitude of a 20 year old without a clue, then sure.

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you two should just… umm kiss and get it over with or something. =P

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i’d love to, but he’s ignoring me.

i’ll just leave this here in case he comes back:

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Yup. Not coming back to WoW until the spec feels like an unholy DK and not a generic builder-spender melee spec. It could have top single target and AoE by miles, and I still wouldn’t bother if it plays the way it currently does. Doesn’t even need a drastic revamp, just some actual nuance and depth. It’s the little things that add up.

Class isn’t fun to play=game isn’t fun to play. Keeping an eye on things until this changes. Outlook: not so good. Maybe next expansion.

(Gurthäng) #520

What nuances? You applied diseases, 2x SS, 2x Blood Strike, spam death coil, repeat.
Hows that different from what we have today, except for the fact we had more buttoms to press?

(Gurthäng) #521

I have some news for you my friend all dps specs now are generic builder-spender i wouldnt have any hope of anything changing for either dks or any otehr specs on that matter.


i mean i said “more nuanced” as in more than the current version of the spec. you can make any spec seem boring by typing out their rotation in its simplest form. the other dk did the same thing and even theirs was more complicated than the one you put.

(Gurthäng) #523

And what else was there? AoE Rotation?

(Lahgtah) #524

I wouldn’t be so cynical. I’m not going to pay for something I don’t want to play, but things have changed before. Radically so. If/when they do, I’ll be back.


which is exactly why myself and other players are coming to these forums to discuss what we dont enjoy, what we do enjoy, why we enjoy it and how things can be improved. i mean look at the title of the thread youre posting in.

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And im saying its not unholy dk that is that way now its every spec in the game. In fact UH is the most unique spec cause we have to manage a builder, a spender and combo points.


i wouldnt say that when theres specs like ww monk out there with a solid kit that is pretty challenging and engaging. regardless, theres always room for improvement and unholy definitely needs some - even just looking at numerical data.

(Lahgtah) #528

I’m not sure how that contradicts anything. The way things are now is not the way things will be forever. I’m not playing the game, my sub is expired, and will remain as such until things do change.

I have a silverware drawer full of forks of a matching set, but there are a couple that don’t match. Their handles are shaped a little different, and they’re a little bigger or smaller, but at the end of the day they’re still just forks all the same.