BFA Unholy Death Knight Feedback (Cont.)

(Inemia) #468

so um, wtf?

[Claw] Claw the enemy, dealing [ 30% [ 18% of Attack Power ] Physical damage. Can be cast in Ghoul. 40 Energy. Melee range. Instant. 1 sec global cooldown

i guess bottom dps isn’t enough.


I know right! Seems like it should be fixed?

Classes only have 7 rows, they shouldn’t be poorly designed. It seems like class design, at times, is just an afterthought. In reality, It should be the priority.

I realize we are late in the expac for an overhaul, so yea dial up those numbers. However, moving forward (9.0+) I’d like to see more focus on well thought out class design. Shoot for the stars my friend!

(Gurthäng) #470

Its soul reapers fault its too good compared to the other two.

(Apparition) #471

Don’t you love though how they have done the calculation nerf to make it appear like the it’s not one?

The 8.2 change does the following:
"Claw the enemy, dealing [0.6 * (Attack power * 0.3)] Physical damage

Why have 30% of AP then modified by 60% of that value logically there is no value in the calculation this way as it only just makes it more complex to look at when in actual fact it’s just (AP * 0.18) so very sad…

In addition if they are nerfing the ghoul damage one could in vain hope they are increasing the relative core damage and ability base damage for the DK such that the ghoul isn’t such a massive proponent of the damage for unholy. Potentially allowing for a option for a no pet Unholy or something?


Seems that the multi-Disease playstyle is the most preferred playstyle for Unholy according to the poll I created:

Honestly, it doesnt surprise me at all. I personally think that the current system is very flawed - not the good type of flawed where its a weakness that can be worked around by superior play - but flawed fundamentally. We can look back at previous developer desicions and see that Festering Wounds as a concept is a worse version than Combo Points used to be. Also, in my opinion, they are just boring. You build them up with only 1 ability and then you spend them, again with only 1 ability. Even old Combo Points were more interesting because you had multiple abilities that built them up and multiple finishing moves. I can go on and on explaining why the system is so flawed, but I think between the poll and this post, I’ve provided enough (for now).

(Krissignacia) #473

what if the diseases, wounds, and necroblight were talents? eh like your guys 58 row those could all be baseline

(Fookí) #474

i think at this point, people are just tired of repeatedly making suggestions and such with no recognition by blues- much less using those suggestions and silently making changes. most here feel like it’s the proverbial “beating a dead horse” while yelling, “you WILL come back to life!”


Well if any group of people can bring a dead horse back to life, its the DK community. :slight_smile:

(Fookí) #476

we’re trying. i think our stick needs a ST buff though.

(Apparition) #477

We might be able to bring the dead horse back to life but any DK is going to tell you about the mobility issues that horse is going to have.

Unholy definitely needs a Single Target buff along with talent fixes but that is across the board for all spec’s

(Krissignacia) #478

when was st better for you all


In Legion UH ST was pretty good, especially in Tomb.

Arbiter with the legendary, Chains of Ice, reduced Army cooldown with set bonus etc.

Good times.

(Fookí) #480

yeah i think the legendaries + artifact weapon were probably at its best since DKs were first introduced.

(Krissignacia) #481

The Legos were great till we found out they took some or parts of our abilities and made them items. And the same with the artifact rental abilities suck loads

(Fookí) #482

yeah, it only shows why they shouldn’t have been gutted in the first place.

(Apparition) #483

The one thing I think we all miss the most has to be:

I really miss actually being faster than some classes in instances where it’s not possible to mount

(Krissignacia) #484

The boots I’m still trying to get these. while the constant speed is nice I miss unholy and wod DA more

(Apparition) #485

Not really they actually ended up being faster as Unholy Presence was just 15% increased movement speed around the second raid landing these boots actually were more like 25 - 30% and at the end of legion it was probably closer to 40% increased speed. Hence my point the only other classes that kept up with the DK’s was Paladins, Warriors, Monks and DH the rest were the poor mans step children left in the dirt for once

(Krissignacia) #486

Never had that problem back then plus nobody life grip’d me

So the 58 row playstyle talents

Bummer crypt fever is pvp now

V plague should be baseline
The diseases talent gives you
Blood plague a disease that does shadow damage and gives some health back

Frost fever does shadowfrost damage

Ebon plaguebearer is disease that strengthens your other diseases by x amount

Also mods your strikes and or gives you strikes to dish out diseases

And if unholy has 4-5 diseases to play with frost and blood could have 3 with third one being crypt fever and oblit can do that 12% extra per disease

I miss that play style

(Apparition) #487

I miss the resurrection as a Skeleton and killing players in PvP… To win an arena match as effectively a dead player :slight_smile: