BFA Unholy Death Knight Feedback (Cont.)

(Gurthäng) #428

Idk what class you played back then but it certainly wasnt dk. You had 0 management on necrotic plague, it was a fire and forget dot that stacked faster with unholy blight or any other ability that applied it.

Idk what class youve been playing currently either but we have something called virulent plague (which is a good deal of our damage atm i must add), on top of wounds. Sounds very disease thematic to me.

(Tyfus) #429

You must not 'cause you definitely could mismanage NP and drop stacks, which was a considerable hit to your damage especially if you didn’t have UB to rebuild quickly.

Yep one button fire and forget disease with no real interaction, aside from epidemic. Nailed that design. Some of us don’t like Fisher-Price Unholy.

(Gurthäng) #430

Missmanage how? You applied it, let it stack by itself, done. All you had to manage was reapplying it or make it stack faster with Blight. Idk where you getting this stuff from.

Just like how Necrotic Plague was? And you just mentioned an interaction which is more than necrotic ever had.

(Inemia) #431

you had like 20-30 seconds to hit festering and refresh NP, and considering that FS was required to convert runes, it was pretty brainless.

also, idk if you realized, but you press the same buttons in pretty much the same sequences with wounds as you did with necrotic plague.

(Tyfus) #432

Sounds like you were playing it wrong then.
The whole point was to use the minimum possible resources to extend the duration to the point that UB would be off cd, so that you could maximize dps with SS. Required a bit more thought than applying/spending pimple points.

Even if that was the case, it just goes to show how much worst wounds are that the same buttons would feel so much less rewarding to press.

(Inemia) #433

thats your opinion.

(Gurthäng) #434

The duration couldnt be extended dude Necrotic Plague it could only stack faster. Where the f** are you getting this from?

(Lahgtah) #435

You couldn’t refresh necrotic plague, but it could be extended. Only unholy could keep it going at 15 stacks, the other two specs had to reapply it when it fell off.

Festering strike did not refresh diseases, but added to their duration.

(Gurthäng) #436

No you couldnt the duration was always the same.

(Lahgtah) #437

I’m quite certain it was. If you cannot take my word for it, ask others.

(Gurthäng) #438

You could increase the duration as unholy but there was a soft cap on how long you could keep it up, you couldnt keep it up forever at max stacks.

(Tyfus) #439

just happens to be one that’s widely shared

lol yes it could, did you even play Unholy in WoD or are you just reading the old talent tooltips that said it couldn’t be extended?

As I already explained for you, the whole point was to refresh the duration to match the CD of UB that would stack it back up to 15 quickly, while maximizing your damage in between.

(Inemia) #440

you have no idea if it is widely shared or not. people happy with wounds have no reason to come here and complain about them, so you have to consider any online complaint in any situation on any forum to be the minority.

IMO this could be fixed with a talent that makes festering strike apply stacks of necrotic plague instead of festering wounds, but i don’t think that will help you feel like you are having fun. the problem is we lack throughput. we are the bottom dps ST, that is what feels bad. not the mechanics, the fact is that someone else can press 2 or 3 buttons and beat us in dps while we are interweaving different resources. anytime you do more work than someone else and get less reward it feels bad and makes you resentful.

(Rockford) #441

There are opinions both for and against the current playstyle, yet we also have people argue against those that are complaining, and summarise they’re playing it wrong…

As for Necrotic Plague, it absolutely need to be extended! There was also the matter of timing with Unholy Blight resetting the stacks!

(Inemia) #442

there is truth to that though, its not just counter complaining or trolling. the way runic corruption works requires you to interweave rune spenders and RP spenders in order to keep its proc going without overlapping it. if you are playing wrong it results in a more clunky feel to our playstyle.


Problem is pressing all those buttons while managing everything means nothing cuz all of your dmg is passive auto/one fire and forget dot ; ;

Literally doesnt matter its bad dmg with way to much going on for no pay off

(Tyfus) #444

When people hate wounds on the forums, on discord, on reddit, etc then it’s an opinion that’s widely shared.

The problem is both throughput and bad design. They stripped the spec down and now it’s just a bunch of parts that don’t fit well together.

(Gurthäng) #445

Again thats your opinion. They all fit pretty well to me both thematicaly and mechanicaly. As we keep saying, dont like it switch classes.

(Inemia) #446

confirmation bias.

(Tyfus) #447

I’ll take that with a grain salt, considering you didn’t even know the most basic mechanic of necroblight haha

At this point it’s all just noise pollution, along with Inemia’s nonsensical word vomits.

My original point stands that the spec damage and mechanics are bad right now and I’ve provided suggestions on how to make wounds livable, until we can get a redesign:

  • Reduce FeS cost to one rune.
  • Let SS/CS have a chance to burst additional wounds on the main target to shake up the ST rotation a bit.
  • Reduce Unholy’s GCD.
  • Remove some CDs from the GCD.
  • Allow Sudden Doom to be used on Epidemic.