BFA Unholy Death Knight Feedback (Cont.)

(Fookí) #338

this is why i love clawing shadows. you lose dps from the lack of melee damage, but it’s fun to be able to sill dps while not standing in crap or when the enemy thinks they’re escaping by running away. i like to call it being a warlock in plate gear, but thinking about it now, it doesn’t actually add a dot - it just removes a stack each time. =/

(Inemia) #339

the act of you hitting CS and bursting a wound at the same time is like a dot or channel though. its how unholy is a caster without cast bars. instead of a 4 second filler channel that does 6 ticks, we hit CS 3 times bursting 3 wounds. the cast bar is you pretending to be channeling some words or incantations as a caster, uhdks actually assemble their spells via use of their abilities.

(Fookí) #340

yes, i know how the mechanics work; i have a 396 UH dk as well. my point was you can still spam cs even with no wounds to do damage, and i was comparing it to the likeness of an affliction lock.

(Gurthäng) #341

Yeah but then ranged abilities would hit like crap just like DC does now. Imo should leave how it was maybe bump white damage a little bit and ranged get over it.

(Myronas) #342

This conversation accurately portrays why I think they should just get rid of Wounds.

(Ryudaraku) #343

You couldn’t “get” them to crit, they either did or they didn’t and it felt really good when it did and really bad when it didn’t, and I didn’t mention Cold Heart.

AOTD Pets did crap for damage, lining it up was better than not, but 30% of a wet noodle is still a wet noodle.

You are still not actually doing the damage though, Too much of our damage now, and in Legion were tied up in pets.

No, I just don’t accept that interaction between 2 cooldowns and 1 spell that occurred in a 15 seconds window was “Interaction between our abilities” because outside of that 15 seconds the spec was dull.

That is a very cynical look at it, I presume that it has to do with all of the “spells” going to a hybrid of weapon damage and and attack power and they wanted to keep Weapon Damage as a stat relevant.

Edit : And let me just be clear about Dark Arbiter, I understand fine how it works, and it was cool in that 20 second window when it was active and you were trying to dump the runic into it, but our tuning was balanced around that burst window, and the whole rest of the time felt just kinda as if you were going through the paces of a watered down mechanic waiting for that window to come around again.

(Inemia) #351

am i high or are we missing like 5 replies from the end of this thread?

(Fookí) #352

i’m showing more than what’s here too, lol.

(Ryudaraku) #353

Nope, our conversation got deleted apparently, guess Unholy is worth Moderating but not responding too.


So Blizzard are buffing BM Hunter. (source: Beast Mastery Hunters need a buff and their pets need to be fixed)

Where is the love for unholy DK… GG Blizzard, way to leave this spec at the bottom of the barrel for 2 tiers now.

Acknowledgement would be a great start, but it seems there is no interest in their original hero class.

(Fookí) #355

yeah, at this point, even a blue post saying, “we’re not continuing development with death knights any more” would be better than nothing.


The only good news I’ve heard so far is that there are rumors that the Magus of the Dead trait is working better on the PTR and from the looks of thing may be a fairly strong single target trait, competing with FM, so of course armor with both traits will be fairly valuable.

Course this is, at best, band-aid, and nothing is certain till it goes live, but it’s something…possibly


At this point I’m done with unholy I have given up on blizzard doing something for the spec, so tired of the massive amount of down time, are aoe ability VP being on of the top damage on single target an the abysmal target swapping. Unholy needs serious attention an blizzard hasn’t shown an ounce of interest in the spec for the past 3 years, all u holy gets is bandaid fixes

(Fookí) #358

that’s why it pained me to go back to my lock. i really have fun on my dk, but the numbers are just ridiculous compared to other pure dps specs.

(Ghannön) #359

Glaring problems with UH DK that need to be addressed to save the spec.

1.) Top damage abilities.
Auto attack (white damage)
Pet, this includes AotD (white damage)
Virulent Plague (even against single target fights)

Looking at those top damage abilities, one can see that there is little to no player interaction going on. We need our interactive abilities to be our top damage abilities. Otherwise they just feel like place holders to just keep us busy while we auto attack and pets do their thing.

Now for Virulent Plague. This really shouldn’t be in our top 3 damage dealers on single target fights. Does it need a nerf? No. Our other abilities just need to be buffed to bring it more in line.

2.) Setup times.
Our AoE/cleave damage is good. Top tier I might say, but the time it takes us to set it all up. This a shortfall of the spec.
An obvious example is Reaping in M+. If the other dps in the group is lacking, then yes, we can really show what the spec is capable of. More often than not though, other classes do the same amount of AoE/cleave in less time. The mobs are dead, or close to it before we can even begin to drop the hammer.

3.) Utility
The only utility we bring to a group is Death Grip (and a stun if talented into it). No party buffs. No mob debuffs (Mystic Touch, Chaos Brand) No long term CC abilities.


What are you talking about we have mass grip…oh wait no no that’s blood only now.

Well we have an aura that gives our entire group a move speed bonus…oh yeah nope removed for being to powerful then recently given to Windwalkers

Oh we have a magic damage debuff…right taken away and given to DH

At least we have our vampric aura…hrm removed during beta for BFA

Well at least I can say we do have Anti Magic Zone…but it’s PvP only


No utility you say, pfft, just die and buff the retribution paladin.

(Myronas) #363

I would say it is surprising that we havent received a response yet, but at this point it is just a miracle that they havent just deleted the spec yet and dispersed the cool aspects to other classes, like they did with our magic debuff and our movement speed buffs.

(Inemia) #364

in 8.0 dks cried about lack of survivability and defensive cds, in 8.1 we got those issues fixed. a lack of blue text does not mean they don’t listen or don’t respond.


Did Dev forgot about the Rune of the Fallen Crusader nerf due to the inflated ilvl in Legion? Correct me if I’m wrong that the nerf was due to too much strength we had due to high ilvl gears. After item squish, this should go back to 20-25%?