BFA Unholy Death Knight Feedback (Cont.)

(Rothulian) #242

Helchains is good. Magus of the Dead received a last minute double nerf and continues to be bugged (it melees when it should only cast). That trait is probably dead.

(Urioh) #243

surprised we didnt see any changes to unholy the entire 8.1 ptr cycle …

not quite sure how to feel

(Rothulian) #244

Definitely not good. But were not alone.


:cry: maybe next patch??? nah probably not.

(Danerexles) #249

Hell chains is good nice to have a name brand bandaid fix…scarasm


Would be great if we at least had someone speak to unholy dk’s in some way shape or form.

(Myronas) #251

I would venture to guess that all of us have said everything we can say about this spec and it talents and rotation, and even general gameplay.

So, we are back to square one, asking for something we have all asked for since WoD…more communication.

No one knows whats going on, what the plans are, or even if the devs are aware of this spec and its woes, or even what they are. We are all in the dark, despite constant outcry asking for more transparency.

I get that you dont want to make knee jerk reactions based on the ramblings of a few people, totally understand, I work for a Logistics company and I agree that isnt the way to run ANY company…

But for Christ’s sake it isnt just the forums, its Youtube, Twitch, Reddit, WoWhead, MMOChamp, and even the troll infested hole of the internet 4Chan.

We dont want more content. We dont want anything other than overarching meaningful class design reworks or changes.

(Malus) #252

Just like all the Frost and Blood feedback. Dozens of well thought out posts have been dropped in multiple areas including beta forums and in game bug reports. Players have done their part. There’s nothing more to say.


Like people have said, there have been plenty of posts and suggestions to improve what is almost universally considered an unfun and underperforming spec – all we need now is some sort of acknowledgement from Blizzard. Are they even looking at Unholy DK? Are we on the radar at all? Who knows!

But I suspect we will just get silence. :frowning:


Are we all giving up on unholy it’s so sad blizzard cant even acknowledge us

(Myronas) #255

Someone explain to me the logic of having both Death’s Advance and Wraith Walk?

And why is Wraith Walk a talent? We shouldnt even see WW. It shouldnt exist. Get rid of it to make room for abilities spells or actions that actually make the spec feel a little better.

(Ryudaraku) #256

You realize that WW is in a utility tier and replacing it will do nothing of significance right?

Except maybe introduce something absurd that we will have to take for “utility” rather than having a more powerful AMS or a big self heal.

(Alazar) #257

It would be great if we got any blue post at all. Unholy still has some major issues to address and all we get in silence. get ready to start a new raid on the bottom of the barrel


After playing this destro lock an a havoc dh an fury warrior I have come to realize unholy just feels so freaking slow an has so much down time please blizzard what are your plans with unholy we will be seeing some kind of changes soon what’s the plan wheres the communication!

(Myronas) #259

Another day another bump. If i get banned for bumping then at the very least I will know with 100% accuracy that someone on Blizzard’s pay roll had to at the utmost least glance at this thread.

I’ll take that hit. It’s more than what we have now.

(Danerexles) #260

Single target is still awful the 20% death coil buff did almost nothing…on a positive side are aoe is amazing an we are fantastic in mythic plus with reaping. Sadly I think I’m going to have to switch my main there is quite a bit of target swapping in BOD an after the initial burst I feel like I’m really lagging behind in dps. Why cant unholy get a buff to gargoyle to give us some much need single target love


Gargoyle is need of something that’s for sure.
I would also love to see Frenzy go baseline. It seems like such a basic cool down ability. They can tweak the talent so it does something a bit more.

To be honest at this point this thread is pretty much dead though. All of the comments on the various issues, the suggestions, the data showing the underperformance (outside of Mythic+ AoE) the weak mobility/utility etc, and the only thing thrown our way is a minor buff to our weakest attack.

(Ryudaraku) #262

We had 3 Cooldowns already, and are getting another “button to press” with our HoA cooldown, we don’t need more of those, we need our core rotation to not feel like a wet noodle.

Edit : Just had a realization, despite being a disease “themed” spec…we don’t have a single Azerite trait that actually does something with Virulent Plague.


bumping this up because honestly somehow, someway we need some attention

(Myronas) #264

Need a dev to look at our thread bump.