BFA Unholy Death Knight Feedback (Cont.)

(Rothulian) #222

Yea… They always say that.

(Unholynite) #223

I would love to see DK get asphyxiation back baseline and make strangulate a talent in it’s place or vice versa. Also every time I look at our talents I just see things that should be baseline that the lazy devs decided is easier to gut a skill and make a talent to complete it vs creating actual useful talents.

(Rothulian) #224

We will be lucky if we get anything.

(Fookie) #225

true, but it’s still nice to be acknowledged.


I can not believe we have not seen a blue post

(Gurthäng) #227

Welp another week without a new build i guess we wont be seeing any changes for UH at all as expected.

(Inemia) #228

patch is Dec 11.

(Ryudaraku) #229

“There are a few things that would make good cosmetic glyphs” is feedback that I think every class could say.

Not throwing shade, just saying that cosmetic glyphs as a whole could be greatly expanded, sort of like how we get new mounts every patch.

(Rothulian) #230

And they havent added any in a very long time.

(Rothulian) #231

Were not getting any.

(Danerexles) #232

Doesnt look like we will be getting any meaningful changes thinking about rerolling wish we could just get an acknowledgement from a blue that they are even looking into unholy an planning on changing the awful play style at some point, I guess I’ll just go back to affliction.

Why cant are runes start recharging right away it would make the spec flow so much better we would have much less down time.
Less down time = more fun

(Alazar) #233

Nothing. No blues, no meaningful changes, nothing. Thanks blizz

(Tyfus) #234

At least the new forum’s Blizz Tracker shows us that instead of communicating with the community on class issues and game systems, the blues are tackling hard-hitting issues such as Are you still using your artifact skin? and How many 120 alts do you have?

Banter around the forums is fine and all, but how about something that’s actually useful and addresses our concerns once in a while?

(Alazar) #235

We just need some response. 1 full thread and then this one and nothing. Even if the say they aren’t touching single target (which they shouldn’t) at least it’s communication

(Razeal) #236

I’m unsubbing on the 11th if this is what Unholy is supposed to be all expac. I’m sick of the development team using specs like Unholy to make their other trash look good in comparison.

(Danerexles) #237

1 week till 8.1 blizzard, some kind of response to all the unholy feedback would go a hell of a long way


Tell this to warlocks…

(Alazar) #239

This is crazy. Such lack of feedback for specs that really deserve some acknowledgement

(Gurthäng) #240

So for anyone trying the ptr did the new traits make our ST any less terrible compared to other specs or its just the same crap as live?

(Myronas) #241

Same crap. It isnt as though you dont notice the traits (you will, if they proc) but they dont do much in the grand scheme of things. Same rotation, same downtime.