BFA Unholy Death Knight Feedback (Cont.)

(Lahgtah) #201

So unholy, at least in ST, is pretty much forever fudged until they get pieces with magus and/or chains.

I’d rather all the azerite traits be garbage and the spec function well on its own than have it the other way around. Unholy blight’s still garbage, a clumsy nerf to bursting sores because of some MDI nerd, no addressing of RNG/unreliable rune return, no addressing of our core abilities being as weak as a wet noodle, with most of our damage being passive in the forms of pets, autoattacks, and a braindead “fire-and-forget” DoT.

A shame that Legion came so close to perfection, with both abilities and minions mattering, and all it needing was some disease gameplay. If we just took the spec and all its artifact passives included, copied it over to BfA, and replaced castigator or necrosis with some disease-focused talents, the spec would be absolutely perfect.

How droll.

(Rothulian) #202

I’d rather see baseline tuning as well. I’m not saying I agree with buffing us via azerite but whatever. I’ll take it personally. Anything to stop being bad, especially single target.

(Tyfus) #203

This was my worst fear back in alpha/beta and especially after their talk of rental power systems. Unfortunately it seems to have been realized. I also would prefer it if azerite traits were completely boring stat bumps, so we could have complete and functional specs again. I’d be okay if they scrapped the whole azerite system right now and just returned the azerite slots to working like regular gear again. They can keep the neck and have it give us flat stat bumps each level.

Between our lackluster baseline abilities and dead/bad talents, the spec leaves a lot to be desired and Unholy is not alone in this. Slow down content roll-out and features that no one’s asked for and just fix the specs for Pete’s sake.

Their actions so far definitely indicate that the people who are making the design decisions either don’t have the necessary knowledge to implement proper changes or that they don’t care to, for whatever reason. If the specs were worked on with the same level of competence as the game’s art, we’d be in amazing shape.

(Gurthäng) #205

I said that on many “Azerite traits sucks” threads, better have boring and passive traits than have classes balanced around traits and add more and more layers of damage and complexity to abilities to make tunning even more of a nightmare than already is, but no, casuals and baddies want legion leggys all over again and now blizz resources are all on fixing this crap system to make them more interactive with abilties than actualy properly tunning and fixing classes.

(Rothulian) #206

Unfortunately I think what a lot of us (including really really bad specs) are learning is that this is an X.1 patch. X.1, X.2, X.3 patches are content patches. They’re usually light on class changes. Remember the patch that saw huge buffs to Death Coil and Dark Arbiter in Legion?

That was 7.1.5. Not 7.1. Were months away from the big class changes 8.1.5 patch.

Im NOT saying we should be greatful to be getting 2 really strong azerite traits. But at least we aren’t getting the type of attention enhance, mm and demo are getting… Which is incredibly mixed.

And honestly those specs should be getting nothing but positive attention.

(Inemia) #207

i liked necrosis, combined with the mastery buff on defile it was quite fun to play, and made for a good all around spec.

the biggest annoyance coming from legion to bfa was the pointless talent tree overhaul, i agree we were near spot in on legion. perhaps add in necrotic plague from WoD in addition to virulent plague for 2 dots and we would have been perfect.

but seriously, what did the abom ever do to the devs that they made him go away?

(Rothulian) #208

Probably double grip being “too good”.

(Gurthäng) #209

Ppl b itching about hating using it cause it was too ugly and mandatory.
It was my favorite talent.

(Beefköw) #210

Abom was meant to be a utility buff but instead also provided a dmg increase.

Basically it felt bad to not take sludge belcher.

(Gurthäng) #211

Not really it had the potential for increased damage in aoe scenarios due to the increased radius depending on how mobs would be stacked, it had no direct increase in damage. In ST it provided no benefit. Also easily fixable by giving the ghoul the 360 aoe radius.

(Rothulian) #212

The ghoul at least has the 360 cleave since BFA beta.

(Rothulian) #213

It will be a glyph someday.

(Raziael) #214

Belcher should have just replaced the ghoul, add glyphs to make the belcher look like a ghoul; they could also use the old NPC skins from elite monsters hanging out in Northrend.

(Rothulian) #215

There’s a few models this expac that would make good ghoul glyphs.

(Comfybundle) #216

It’d be awesome to have a bunch of different undead models for Army of the Dead as well. Think the Night King’s army in Game of Thrones.

(Beefköw) #217

I’m sure there is already a minor glyph for that.

(Rothulian) #218

There is. The ghoul has 2 glyphs but both are extremely old. They actually updated the ghoul model in legion but never released it.

(Danerexles) #219

One full thread, 218 post on this thread an still not a word about dks single target or awful play style all we got was some mediocre pvp talents an a buff to death strike with a nerf to a very under used talent that was only good in very niche situations seems like the dev’s are completely lost for unholy dks

(Rothulian) #220

500 or so posts in the previous thread as well.

(Danerexles) #221

Could have sworn I saw somewhere about how they were going to communicate with the player base more an are listening to are feedback