BFA Season 3 PvP Issue

Please clarify if this includes the wins for the gladiator achievement.

Will we get % for saddle still when this is fixed or will the wins not being counted stop that too? When do you expect to fix this?

So if I am understanding correctly… We will keep the rating changes/tier changes during the “brief offseason” (lol ok), but not the actual games number count?

or is it just picking up where we left off but unable to show game counts?

English isn’t my best sorry

Yep. You’ll keep whatever rating you gain/lose but the number of games that you played during the bug will not be displayed.


hotfix and add a vendor while you’re at! smh


Update 4:15 p.m. PST - January 2, 2020
We’ve finished creating and testing a fix for the issue, and we will implement the fix after realm restarts tomorrow. We’ve scheduled the realm restarts for Friday, January 3 at 7:00 a.m. PST / 10:00 a.m. EST, and we expect we’ll complete the fix about three hours later.

Again, thank you for your patience.


Great! Let the last-minute pushing begin!

Doom what are you doing on the forums. Aren’t you supposed to be dueling outside ORG?

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Great to hear, thank you for getting this fixed!

are you still able to gain and keep rating during this time?

Yes, it said that in the post.

guys just relax they just forgot to turn back ion the lootboxes because the season did end they extended the 8.2 patch with out telling anyone.

it wasnt a bug the season was supposed to end when it did they just decided to extend 8.2 and forgot to change the code to enable the lootboxes.

So this is what you hotfix, but not missing/broken winter veil content?

ok boomer :slight_smile:

is there going to be an extension because of the 3 day delay?


Wow took you long enough.


It still says off season blizz!


shame it went down and still in off season… i mean at least blizzard tried?

They said they would apply the hotfix after the realm restart and it could take around 3 hours.


well about 2 hours left who else thinks it may be more then that?