BFA Season 3 PvP Issue

guys just relax they just forgot to turn back ion the lootboxes because the season did end they extended the 8.2 patch with out telling anyone.

it wasnt a bug the season was supposed to end when it did they just decided to extend 8.2 and forgot to change the code to enable the lootboxes.

So this is what you hotfix, but not missing/broken winter veil content?

ok boomer :slight_smile:

is there going to be an extension because of the 3 day delay?


Wow took you long enough.


It still says off season blizz!


shame it went down and still in off season… i mean at least blizzard tried?

They said they would apply the hotfix after the realm restart and it could take around 3 hours.


well about 2 hours left who else thinks it may be more then that?

Conquest points still not fixed after today’s shutdown/reset. I’m still getting the message that I’ve earned all available Conquest rewards for this week meaning that doesn’t matter what I do, Battle for Nazjatar, Assaults, BGs, etc. I’m not getting any Conquest. And yes, I did loot my chest as usual last Tuesday after reset

My rating reflects what I earned during the “brief off season” over 1800, but I still do not have my tmog rewards for hitting 1800. I know 1800 isn’t a big deal to most but it was the first season I achieved this and not getting credit for it =(

I earned 1800 during the bug and indeed kept the rating. However, We did not receive the achievement or title of rival.

I’m glad you somewhat fixed it, however I have won over 12 games today and my rating has not moved?

I realize it’s early into the hotfix that was applied, however the “Season Stats” are still indicating the rating at the time of the DDOS/Season unintentionally ending; and therefore the transmog rewards are not present.

Just for reference:
Season Stats: 1780
Weekly Stats: 1841

Yeah mine are as follows

Weekly (which is current): 1802
Season (not current like you mentioned): 1775 best rating

with no Tmog reward

I still did not get the last few pieces of my elite set for reaching 1800+ rating.


I can confirm that the fix was successfully deployed, and the Season has resumed.

Thank you very much!

I can confirm we did not receive rewards after the season resumed.