BFA Season 3 PvP Issue

It is now.

WoW forums are General Discussion and Customer Support. Anything else is fodder.

Cause the last blue that posted there got fired, it’s clearly cursed.


Word, my people and I appreciate the update. I’ll pass on the good news to my guildies.

Please remove Seething thanks. :slight_smile:

it is flat, only takes a little research to find that out.

Demon Hunters aren’t the reason you’re hardstuck at 1600.


Demon Hunter is the reason why you are struggeling for the first time at 2.2


Thank you for the quick response on this :slight_smile:

Can we still earn our wins above 2400 for gladiator right now? Will it still count?

Yes, please bring back the pvp vendors. Perhaps you couldn’t find them, devs, but we certainly could.


Actually queued a game, didn’t count. Big OOF.

Says. Ww plz just plz don’t talk

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Seems like this should have been posted on idk, the pvp board.

Gods forbid a blue tread there lest he be laid off

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Theres is no “pvp board.”

Also who cares? lmfao.


Yeah, keep track of those wins with screenshots. Once the bug is fix, make a ticket and get those wins count.

Made a ticket for my Tabard and Elite title.

Happy new year to all the people who are working on New Year’s Eve!
Have a nice day sir!

Most people come to GD. I think that’s why they post it here first before moving it/copying it to other forums.


cough And Ensembles for BFA gear. None of the BFA gear except Gladiator had “Limited Time” on them. But now they’re all unobtainable.


How about the gain 500 conquest points weekly bar that is gone too…