BFA Season 2 Rating Cutoffs - Updated June 24 2019

But these are for Rank 1 and not Glad. Do you know what the number of R1 spots were for previous seasons?


Gear was the reason for high participation. They nerfed gear drops so players other than hardcore PvPers lost incentive to queue.

Does anyone remember in season 1 when Mythic raiders like Method were doing arena to help gear up?


That’s my point though, screwing with the titles wasn’t the reason participation was high season 1.

Might as well change titles back to old system.

Yeah I was just pointing out that prestige or cosmetic rewards are never the incentive for most players. They only care about gear and whether it’s from m+, arenas, or pet battles they will do the content that rewards them better gear

Does anyone know by how much the R1 cutoff usually goes up in the last day of the season?

OP updated.

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Hi kaivax, not trying to come at you but I’m interested to know what a community manager does on the forums?

Do you just post official updates or is community engagement allowed?

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I’m a bit confused about the post-season thing Ion mentioned in the dev insights video. Does the season end on Tuesday at 12am PST? If so, does the ability to earn Elite appearances end on Tuesday or can you still earn those up until Season 3 in two weeks?

Updated the OP. There were some significant (more than 50 ratings points) changes.

It does not.

Season 2 ends when the game goes into maintenance a few hours later. This is currently scheduled for 7:00 a.m. PDT.

does blizz still disqualify people at the end of a season?

Question. Are Horde to Alliance transfers required to redo their 50 wins? Couple transfers last night trying to upset bracket, and was wondering if there are protocols in place for this.

they have to do 150 for r1, gladiator is always gonna be 50 wins above 2400 so.

if you’re referencing 50 wins above 2400, no

rest easy boldark

First time running rated since new patch (RBGs). Why does rating change even though its greyed out? What are the odds that this affects cutoff rewards even though its midseason? Lol

Can we get an update for cutoff and spots for each faction.

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Could you cut out the RNG gearing and add Vendors please? I mean only like 99.9% of pvp’rs are asking for it

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Still waiting for S2 cutoffs blisszssard…

The ones on arenamate should be accurate, atleast they are for EU.

Yea arenamate was accurate but around 3 people on NA alliance didnt get 150 wins after xferring so they got dqd but the spots werent adjusted so the 3 spots under cutoff didnt get the title they normally would this season.

Any chance for an update on the cutoff/spots for each faction?