BFA Professions Needs To Change Blizz


Lmao you don’t know the meaning of joy until you catch up to a multiboxer when your out herbing and manage to kill the lead account. Seeing all the subsidiaries freeze and just stand there and you kill them is just amazing. And if you can stagger the kills so that they are all separated even more, bah I love it
edit: Warmode, obviously :smiley:

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The only mat you can farm from dung is tidal cores, and it is only used to craft the 385 bop gear, i.e. not tradeable. Not sure what your referring to that can be crafted from dung mats and sold, perhaps you would be kind enough to enlighten me?

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OK now you have my attention! lol I love this! I am a born badboy when it comes to wpvp, I am nasty low life no feeling player that everyone gets stabbed in the back by and I love this idea, I never actually thought of doing that


How many groups for motherload have you seen listed as “NO ENGINEERS”? because ive seen quite a few, this is because they are farming the mechs for engi items


Honestly its so much fun, I was leveling a fire mage a bit back (Greater Pyro OBVIOUSLY) and managed to catch a few multiboxers. It was only made better by the fact that my mage was like 112 at the time (if you don’t know greater pyro does % damage rather than a set number)

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Also, follower equipment which may not be worth buying but it still sells.

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Yes, I know that, but by doing that you managed to bypass running normals, that’s it. And if you hadn’t been able to craft those items yourself would you have bought them off the ah, or ran a few normal dungs for equal loot?

My view is this, professions weren’t great at launch, but they were still useful. Crafters could make M0 lvl gear which many people wanted because it allowed them to jump into M+ a lot faster.

Now crafters can only make normal dung lvl loot, not M0, and are being left behind while every other gearing path is elevated by 30 ilvls. Not saying they’re completely useless, but with no changes will be when 8.2 comes if not sooner.

(Amine) #44

Did you see my screenshot of how much gold I am making on your ‘useless’ 340 gear - that gear will never be useless for the market it is intended for.

(Vhex) #45

Ah, forgot about that. I shouldn’t have seeing as i run it every week for my rogue friend for that purpose. That’s cool that they have a mount to craft but it doesn’t help the profs that craft gear, which is really what I was focused on. It would be nice though if blizz added something like that for the other crafters.

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340 gear was M0 lvl at launch, it’s normal dung lvl now, and by this summer even normal dungs will drop higher. It was great then, much less so now, and will be obsolete by summer. Yet it will still be the best we can make and sell if something isn’t changed to keep us more in line.

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People don’t want to run normal dungeons until their eyes bleed for chances at drops. I have been selling crafted gear other people keep saying is worthless for the last 4 expansions, but go on keep complaining.

(Vhex) #48

Ah, discussing opinions about in game systems and exchanging ideas on ways to improve them isn’t complaining sweetie.

(Amine) #49

You keep ignoring facts though, since I proved that 340 gear isn’t worthless.

(Vhex) #50

Perhaps it sells great on your server, good for you. Doesn’t change the fact that crafting profs are still being left behind while others are not and could use some changes. Pots, chants, and gems will still be just as needed next year as today. Mounts will still be sold 2 expac from now. Where is 340 gear on your spectrum?

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I sell that stuff on three servers - it sells well on all three. People have made more on crafting professions this expansion than consumables.

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Didn’t answer my questipn.

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What question - about 340 gear that we got patterns for to replace the 300 and for which we might also get patterns for higher ilvl gear later ? Seriously do you need a n answer to that.

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Aside from progression gear, there are alternative ways to RE-invigorate professions and crafting such as:

QoL items (blacksmithing saddles for instance)
Consumables (these can be geared for raids such as vantus runes, or general alchemy pots or scrolls)

Also having more vendors for cores and such.

And recipes for conversation of old materials to new ones to keep their value.

(Amine) #55

They can add transmog only pieces as well. I like having gear in there but there is no reason they can’t have transmog only pieces.

Heck they could put rare mats from world mobs that people would have to farm to make these to keep them special and of value.

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I think I found our disconnect so to speak. Yes, the ilvl itself has gone up a little. My problem is that even though it’s gone up some, it’s still only starter gear. 6 months ago crafted gear was great because everybody was starting from scratch in a brand new expac. Today, it’s only useful for alts. We got new patters, yes, but the only tradable gear we have now is alt gear. All the patterns we got for current content are bop crafted from mats that are bop.

This has taken our customer pool from all players and cut it down to only players on alts. Sure there’s a market for it, but it’s very reduced comparatively to where it was 6 months ago. The same can not be said for the other profs. If anything, it’s a boost for chanting, alchemy, and jc as a player who’s playing 4 toons will need 4 toons worth of pots, chants, and gems.

The difference here is while other profs still have something to offer a players main toon, as well as any alt, crafters do not.

Now engin is in a special little niche with the mount, and jc I think is to dependant on rng sockets which is a huge downer for them, but the premise still holds up pretty well.