BFA Key deleting


Why can’t we delete our keys to get a new one in order to further interest in continued playing? Getting a unwanted key for the week feels terrible but being able to then run another dungeon and get a new key felt GREAT. I understand its no longer a thing cause you could grind out high level loot by rerolling a 11 Kings Rest into a Atal’D, running it and praying for titanforged/socketed/warforged gear.

It feels like such a hassle to either be forced to run the key that you might not time/finish or that nobody wants to join. I love running keys but not all of them every week are enjoyable to play and when I the player get that key do I spend probably a hour, maybe an hour and a half making the group and then running the dungeon? Yes and no, I get to now spend time deleveling the key, running that key which has a high chance of going wrong and praying I don’t get it again. No, this system of fixed keys for the average player makes it so you get your weekly and then just wait to raid and log off and play other games. I’m not gonna play pvp unless its premade and WQ/Islands are a waste of time besides the emissary loot since Azerite grinding doesn’t matter at all with the catch ups.

This is all from the prospective of a pug player. My guild doesn’t raid mythic because we dont have the roster so I understand +14-15 keys will be my cap. I play prot/holy and a resto/ele shaman for m+. I’ve played at least 30+ hours this week running keys on those two characters, atleast 12 of those hours are from having to reroll keys that pugs sucks at this week. Examples KR, Seige and Freehold, joking nobody ever brick freehold.

Please bring back that QoL to m+, give more power back to the play and less to fixed rng.


Is the issue the inability to delete keys or the discrepancy between keys’ difficulties? Atal is not only faster than any other dungeon, it is generally much easier, thus making it much more appealing. Honestly we were promised dungeons would be “designed around keystones” but dungeons in general are in a much worse state than they were in Legion. It’s sad :frowning:


Just a rant that you can no longer delete your key, run a new m+ and get another one. Atal was just used as a example cause its a fairly easy dungeon that groups can do. Did a Atal 11 on my pally today for my chest and we did it with 4 people since one left at after the frist boss trash. We waited for the afk person but after 6 mins we continued the run, still timed the key with 4 people and no lust.

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If they don’t want to even try to balance dungeons and affixes then there needs to be some sort of key reroll system. Everyone in my non-meta push group starting the week with either 19 Shrine or King’s Rest makes me want to just quit playing.


I took strong offense to when they said that the inability to delete keys not being an issue outside of the top players. I would argue it’s a much bigger issue with your mid-tier players. Top players are generally playing meta classes in set groups or in a tight elite community, and usually with a couple alts available. They are able to cycle through everyone’s key until they’re all dead, then bring in an alt, then swap members with other top groups to keep it going.

Many of us trying to play hard content a little more casually don’t have that luxury. If you’re playing a non-meta class, you can basically write off the possibility of getting taken into other people’s keys. Sometimes you’ll get lucky with friends, and every once and awhile someone will take you in a straight queue up, but 90% of your M+ is coming from your own key.

This could be fine, except it’s so easy for a key to deplete. One person has a bad internet connection. Just a 5 minute disconnect can cost a key. Even a brief lag spike if it hits someone in a boss fight on tyrannical week. And that’s not even getting into legitimate mistakes. And the lower your key goes, the worse people that are interested in it, so your chances of pushing it don’t go up until it starts getting into the realm of you personally being able to carry it.

So what that boils down to, for most people pugging, a single depletion, or even an upgrade that turns into a dead key, means M+ progression is done for you that week. And that’s just an awful feeling, and it leads to not even wanting to log in anymore. In addition to allowing you to reroll keys, which it still gave you a disincentive to do by depleting you one lower than your highest key that week, it gave a floor to how low your key could go. So no matter what happens, you’re never more than one or two keys away from getting back into your progression zone.

  • remove the keystone system
  • clicking on the font of power inside a dungeon opens up a menu, you can select any difficulty level you want to try, click start and go (like diablo 3 greater rift system)
  • put a cap on time % spent over the dungeon timer, beyond which you will not be eligible for any loot (ie. the treasure chest will disappear), this will prevent people zerging and slamming their heads against the wall until they possibly finally beat some super hard dungeon with 3 tanks + 2 healers or something
  • put more interesting (eg. trinkets) and/or better itemized loot in the harder dungeons so they are not entirely neglected in this new system