BFA Invasion Rewards

This is the second time I managed to do one and the second time the reward was other than what was posted.

Both times it was a purple 340 armor cache that was posted as the reward, but then when I finish the invasion all I end up getting is a mess of Azerite crystals.

Am I missing something?

Haven’t experienced that. I always get Armor for the Scrapper from the assaults.

If you have logs and screenshots, you should submit a bug with those resources.

I have been doing this on 4 or so characters each day and have never had this happen to me but all of mine are for 370s.

This may be a silly question, but you are turning in the quest at the very end, right? To get the 5 service medal thingies and the box?

Edit: It’ll be one of the faction emissaries depending on which zone you’re in will be where it needs to be turned in.


Yeah, the person to turn it into is usually the Emmissary NPC of the zone. I believe it’s the 7th Legion Emmisary for Incursions we run in Zandalar.

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I did have an issue once that the game bugged out while I was leaving the Horde airship at the end causing me not to get credit for leaving even though I was on the ground. I went around an hour thinking I lost my chance to turn in the quest before I realized what happened. I just went back to the airship and then got back on the gryphon to leave and got the credit.

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Hmm. I have not. Once I am done the quest seems to disappear. Inwill look at the proudmore guy and see if there is something there.

Hm… This may be a weird question, but after you finish the 4th world quest… is that basically when you start wondering why you didn’t get your reward?

Edit: I type goood.
Also, Hanky/Chrace’s posts are going to be good ones to look at I suspect.

I THOUGHT I completed my Invasion quest once, but it had an ending quest I didn’t completed. The quest didn’t show up as our symbol on the map. It just looked like a regular quest to go up into one of your zeps.

BUT, it was around the same area as the Invasion. Maybe look around there.

Yeah, you need to keep going after the initial four world quests. I box and have never not received a gear reward on any of mine while doing these. I had not read anything about these and was a bit confused as well. Reading the quest cleared it up. O_o

and after completing it you went and turned it in like a emmisary ? I get stuff when I turn it in only, and usually it’s some 370 piece on my 120’s

Often if it is a weapon it is for off spec, some I don’t play. no matter where I have my loot spec set.

But it is what the quest that pops up offers.

Just asking cause some folk in the guild forgot to or did not know to turn in the quest after they completed it.

Hope this helps, otherwise maybe a ticket would answer the question eventually, no Idea for sure.

Yup. Turns out I missed the last part.

Thanks for the help.