BFA Heirlooms, do you use them?


Hey, so I just found out through the timewalking quartermaster that you can now upgrade your heirloom items to 120.

I have all the heirlooms that I would use for each character that I would level already leveled up to 110. I was thinking of leveling another one of my characters (L110 already) and was wondering if the new Heirloom gear upgrades were worth it.

How do they scale with current gear? For example, will my Heirloom chest/helm/shoulder be as good as Azerite gear? Or will I only be using Azerite gear in those slots? (Will I even use the Heirlooms?)

Likewise I noticed while leveling other characters that you can jump 20 item levels on pieces of gear in one level very easily. Do the upgraded heirlooms keep up with getting better gear or will I out-gear them quickly?


I’ve leveled 9 without it, don’t see any reason to use them for the rest.

(Dellexi) #3

No, chest, helm and shoulders are pretty weak if you compare it with azerite gear. It is not recommended to fight things wearing non azerite gear.

Rings, weapons, pants, cape and trinkets are just fine.


My understanding is that they scale poorly vs questing gear. Seems that many people are equipping looms only when turning in quests for the xp bonus.

The cost to upgrade looms to 120 isnt worth it, imo. Level during a time walking event or try to mix it up with some island expeditions. It goes by pretty quick that way.

(Celtic) #5

It’s not even worth it in my opinion. I went from 110-120 in about three or four nights without heirlooms while not even finishing all the chapters of quests in the zone I started in.

So I’m still needing to do a bunch of questing for Pathfinder at 120. You also lose out on a lot of stats using heirlooms. I’m saving my time walking badges for the mounts.

(Sinelus) #6

Don’t bother, you can barely kill anything with heirlooms. It’s much slower.

(Bipzi) #7

I don’t use Heirlooms beyond lvl 60 pretty much because I skipped enough expacs, that I would need to do more previous stuff to unlock them. Sorta a waste really.


These are how I do it, or mostly did it. They even offer BoA equipment for dubloons so you don’t fall behind on gear now.

(Sinelus) #9

I think it’s worth using to at least 100, I have mine to 110 cause wod and legion is easy contenr that doesn’t scale like BFA.