BFA Frost DK Feedback for 8.3-9.X: We Want Our Stuff Back


so we get Chill Streak that good right?


Ability selections are not final and most of the classes will probably end up with another one - but to answer your questions on current abilities. Yes and no:

Damage it causes is capped at player max health (per hit). Even still it would be worth casting as a mini nuke in raids, and against council style fights would deal significant damage.

However other classes presently are getting utility options:

  • Hunters get a 30 second cooldown near immunity for soaking
  • Rogues get a smoke bomb that can make a group untargetable
  • Druids gets two very good buffing auras

…and what frost lacks, perhaps more than dps, is a meaningful utility to compete with. In that regard Necrotic Aura would make a much better choice (and overall would bring more dps).

Additionally, the blood essence grants two charges of death grip - arguably the prominent utility DK’s currently bring, further reducing any benefit for the frost/unholy versions (not even mentioning the naturally shorter CD and mass grip).


Unfortunately, their silence on feedback for everything other than Breath of Sindragosa is a clear sign that they don’t care what we want. Or they think we’re wrong for wanting something other than their vision for the spec.

Why must we bend over backwards to play one of the worst performing specs in the game? If breath spec was top 3 then I wouldn’t be here complaining about it, I’d be gettin’ gud. But if we’re going to be bottom of the barrel, at least let me have an enjoyable rotation.

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Bring back the option in the menu for us to change our voices if we want to or not without having to go into a config file


Yeah man I’m trying it and i cant really tell a difference now. it’s sad really another thing they took away


I think you should let this go, because they wont bring it back. and more than likely Demon Hunter’s voice stuff will be going away as well sometime soon. Really Sucks though

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guys if we dont stand up and make a scene then they just keep taking stuff away and we are almost a vanilla magical warrior and thats mess’d up


I really wish they had iterated the juggernaut idea further by splitting the class into three kinds: the unkillable one (blood), the one who keeps you from getting away (frost) and the one who wears you down from afar (unholy).

As frost, in both PvE and PvP, we should be able to partially dictate where and how our enemies are able to move in order to enable our combat rotation. Give us skills that make ground impassible terrain, let us slow foes and do bonis damage to enemies we’ve slowed. Allow us to dictate the pace of the fight by increasing cast times and cooldowns. (I’m aware part of this falls under frost mages niche but there isn’t all that much you can do with an ice theme.)

The biggest issue with the spec right now is the focus on BoS, to the point that it feels like a baseline ability instead of a talent. We feel forced into taking it because our spec feels incomplete otherwise, and taking it forces us to shift our entire playstyle into maximizing its upkeep which isn’t something people enjoy. There is no inbetween, and it sucks. We need a viable alternative to this ability.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to add regarding rework ideas outside of my initial comments, so if anyone wants to flesh this out, please do so.

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when hungering cold was a thing but its a 1min thing…maybe a talent for it to give it charges and reduce it to 45 sec

anyway hungering cold was a aoe around you that froze any mob. would really be better than blinding sheet


While frost mages are running around with frozen fingers and icy lances

Why can’t frost DKs have ice mines. Also chilibrans needs to be brought back and make chains to stun again or freeze then slow decaying every sec. Hb slows with its aoe.
Death grip has a lower cooldown


frost dk fixes are simple. revert prunes. 2h or 1h: tie oblit to mast, make frost strike and oblit do substantial sustained/big burst in cd’s. glass cannon with some self decent healing, moderate utility, and MEANINGFUL SINGLE TARGET/CLEAVE. oh and BoS can just be deleted from the game. frost dk doesnt need it, doesnt want it. or make it the pve thing. i dont care what else they do. it needs HUGE oblit/frost str damage buffs before it will ever be appealing again imo. big crits. thats all we need and i would play frost again.

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easy on paper and they would have dont it by now.

that 2h movement thats going around isnt going to amount to very much cuz they wont code for it. I would like big meaty oblit crits, km on FS again and HB not referred to as howling blarg. and this team whoever they be aren’t up to code it so we can have a working spec again which i want again so so bad.

what breath needs is a better way to keep it on mobs and players that get away from you and not be cc’d


** PTR (30669) changed spell damage balance:**

  • BOS damage lowered from 34.7 to 31.3% of AP (9.7% nerf)
  • Frost Strike damage raised from 54 to 62% of AP (~15% buff)
  • Icecap CD reduction raised from 1 second to 3 seconds per crit
  • Chill Streak now deals damage based on 100% of AP (previously 6% of opponent max HP) per hit

PVE theory wise it’s a good idea to change the budget more into Frost Strike than BOS - as it will improve the balance between last tier talent spells (BOS inherently has less frost strikes). Out of CD damage will go up for all choices; burst damage for Obliteration and Icecaps will too, but BOS will go down.

I don’t know what to make of the Icecaps change yet… it certainly will have better Pillar uptime (especially with Frostscythe builds). Need some testing to see if this does anything. This seems like it should function best as a Eonar/Dungeon talent.

Chill Streak is the most interesting change: it’s been a problematic spell balance wise since Legion, seemingly suffering from sizable balance sensitivity in pvp. It’s not clear if this change was due to the addition of Conflict & Strife essence, to address said sensitivity, or a long term plan to roll this into the spec pve talent wise. With a damage per hit of 100% AP, burst damage should still be pretty good in the limited number of situations it can be optimally used (ironically the same situations as BOS), but I don’t know what impact this will have pvp wise yet.


Wonder if with the new changes to ice cap, a perm str buff with icy citadel and pillar of frost alternating would be feasible.

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so a 15% buff to FS and icecap going to 3 sec per crit and breath getting a nerf whoopie

we still cant use breath on anything if we cant catch it

so this doesnt change anything really. icecap shouldnt be a 100 talent

somebody said our 100 talents should be a cleave single target and AOE


Dude we know, but its refreshing that you keep trying to get them to something other than Band-aid fixes. Even though its as if we are talking to a brick wall


So more Band-Aid stuff and icecap going to 3 seconds per crit? Chill Streak going to 100% of AP

Things would probably be better with the Heart, but its just rental stuff and when we get to the next expansion with a level cap which makes the stuff you have stop working.

Please stop doing this


Saw you post in the other thread about lighting their butts up because of the lazyness and i agree we need a team that cares about classes. they should have more people for this game working on this game and not have to pull people to other games.

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well i didnt want to get into trouble with what i said, but i meant it classes shouldnt be like this EVER


Since Frost Strike got a boost could Obliterate get one as well?