BFA Frost DK Feedback for 8.3-9.X: We Want Our Stuff Back

(Krissignacia) #21

people with the words saying it better than i can

(Licher) #22

I honestly cant stand duel wield, but the way dks have been it feels like the only two specs to play are Bloood and Unholy, love em both but even they can get old sometimes. Would be nice to see Frosts damage become viable again so i could enjoy the third spec fkr a change.

(Krissignacia) #23

it was a mistake to grey out the legion weapons instead should of de leved them some and we relevel’d them in Battle for Abilities.

i was mistak’n that AA and FF needed to be toned down and i realize the damage boost from weapon need to be made baseline

stuff to bring over

Bad to the Bone
Increases the damage of your Razorice runeforge by X

Cold as Ice
Increases all Frost damage you deal by X%

Dead of Winter
Increases damage dealt by Remorseless Winter by X%

Increases off-hand weapon damage dealt by Frost Strike and Obliterate by X%


Bring back DK group and Raid Passive Aura’s -

[Blood Aura] Provided by Blood DK to any player in group or raid as well as individually when not grouped. All Damage and Healing the player does is increased by a factor of 4% based on their current Role. So a healer role would receive a a personal heal of 4% of the value of each healing spell they cast on themselves or others. A DPS and Tank Role would receive the healing based on the Damage they do.

[Unholy Aura] Increases the haste of all party and raid members within 100 yards by 5%, and their Versatility by 3%. In addition the Unholy DK has their movement speed increased by 15% at all times

[Frost Aura] All party and raid members within 100 yards of the Frost DK have all magic based damage reduced by 5% in addition all Damage over time spells have their duration reduced by 10%

This give the DK a very unique raid/party utility which provides actual gameplay effects that are desired in PvE and PvP, but they are not overpowering either and based on the Spec the DK has players will know what the effect Aura will be to counter in PvP.

(Krissignacia) #25

lol wowhead is getting on the fact that theres problems with frost DK

so much to fix and bandaid hotfixes arent helping

also Runic ATT is a slap in the face AA should always gen RP

DKs shouldnt be punished for using abilities, we should be punishing others


The part that stood out to me from the wowhead post was - the inability to effectively cast anything else during BoS than Obliterate:

That means no Cold Heart, no FF, no HB (and you’ll sit with Rime for virtually the entire burst), no Frost Strikes, no Frost Scythes, and no RW - virtually no other frost damage of any kind - which is a big deal with the natural bonuses from razorice, mastery, and pillar. Limiting burst potential in single target and aoe, and increasing movement damage cost.

With BoS outpacing Pillar in duration there was an optimal moment mid burst that you would want to maximize other CD’s to, but doing so now would kill the BoS off far to early. The whole point of this talent is to focus damage during the 2 min CD window, and the ptr changes complicate that intent. There are so many requirements already attached to this ability that limit the number of situations it works effectively for; with seemingly no viable alternates, and weak utility, how does this design not ultimately make Frost DK even less viable in raids overall?

(Krissignacia) #27

I’d say get rid of breath altogether, but doing so we lose something else again.
and there are people that love this talent.

using HB with Rime needs to gen runes

i dont like how PoF lost 5 sec to be a str builder. 15 sec is to short for that. it needs to go in the other direction and be 1 min again

AA needs to gen runes while AAc rits gen more

i wish horn was baseline and gave the str buff and a talent doing doing what is does now

emp is weaker than what is was some time ago


They could keep breath but have it as a passive which can trigger from KM and Rime procs. Then instead of having it as an Active cast it becomes a hyper inflated version of Remorseless Winter which freezes all targets in 8 yards immediately (No stacks required but obviously now based on the randomized passive proc.

This passive can last up to 30 sec if the DK does absolutely nothing and 60 seconds if the DK chooses to maitain it. While active Obliterate does 100% extra frost damage but it also hits all targets with 8 yards of the DK. If Obliterate hits less than 3 targets it’s damage is increased once more by 40% for every target under 3. So if there is one target and you’re empowered it would do 120% extra damage as Frost Damage to a Single Target.

Then remove remorseless winter completely have have it replaced with Frozen Wall which is an active Multitarget spell say on a 2 min cooldown that drops a rectangle based Wall which prevents any other player or NPC other than the Frost DK from passing through. Anyone who attempts to pass over or through the wall will also suffer frostbite meaning they are slowed all spells that X 2 to cast and movement can’t be faster than walking speed for the next 6 seconds.

It also inflicts a DoT which does X Damage over the next 15 seconds…

You get the idea…they also can free up the level 100 talents then to be much more creative and balanced


The problem appears to be that they don’t want BOS to exceed ~30 seconds, or at least never approach Nighthold tier duration. BOS by design fulfills a role -niche as it may be. I still want that talent for fights like Kin’Goroth when you have to do burst damage in a specific window. But presently there is no other viable option than BOS, and the talent doesn’t functionally work well in a lot of encounters.

In an effort to impose this limit, but give greater APM to frost they re-balanced the spell cost. As a byproduct of this change, they stifled all agency in the abilities you can use with it. Which long-term limits the number of situations its useful in. This limits both ST and AOE burst the later of which is characteristically one of the class strengths of DK.

They don’t need to remove BOS, but we need other viable options.

(Krissignacia) #30

Breath needs to be friendlier with abilities. HB needs to still build RP with rime active. does cost runes, but build more RP.

Runic Emp needs to reactivate all recharging runes when proccing.
make Rumic Emp 1.85

Runes need to be off this 3 at a time grouping and recharged without waiting for others to come off cool down so they can start helps a lot with our downtime

runic Att needs to go away and AA should gen RP same with the other 2 specs

frozen pulse more AA stuff whoopie /s


sad state of Frost Death Knights so far and those 8.2 changes look ok, but some people think it wont make it to live.

breath needs to have more abilities to be used than just oblit @ 18 rp/s

(Krissignacia) #32

while im not a fan of pets it would be nice to have a permanent ghoul to boss around as a talent since we have a few we could do without

also bring back blood plague to frost and have oblit allpy it and hb spreads it to other mobs and refreshes them.

i didnt realize frost in wrath had an execute phasewhen a mobs is at 35% health that be neat to bring back

(Apparition) #33

The Execute phase while it was good it wasn’t anything compared to for example Warrior Execute or Monk Touch of Death in the appropriate range. It wasn’t an instant kill or a hit in the range capable for those other two it was just effectively slightly boosted damage when target was under 35%.

(Krissignacia) #34

i know that cuz DKs cant have nice things otherwise they get taken away

frost needs some flavor back

you could make it like soul reaper for frost bake it in to our abilities like HB with Rime and Oblit doing big shadowfrost damage after 8 sec.

you could add to it attacking it during those 8 sec will deal additional x amount


As long as Soul Reaper does the haste before 35% or if it kills the mob and gives haste.

HB with Rime and has a delayed soul reaper maybe a tad overboard


Yeah, “Death” knights should have executes. No reason to remove it.

(Krissignacia) #37

Hey where’s those Juggernaut parts of my slow moving buzzsaw with dull blades?

You can return the armor bonus to vet for starters

Remember bladed armor increase armor by x amount of strength and reduces damage taken by 1% per 1000 points of str

Unbreakable armor replaces PoF

Armor increases by 20% and all damage done by 20% for 20 sec 1.5 min cooldown

Would go a ways to be an unforgiving frost Juggernaut.

Add soul reaper as an exacute and disease play and oblit and frostscythe hitting harder two 2 diseases on the target


I’m surprised you didn’t add blade barrior because since runes are on cooldown so much.

When your runes are on cooldown you gain the blade barrior effect you take 5% less damage when runes are on cooldown and 5 sec after they are off cooldown. This can only happen every 30 sec

Frigid dreadplate
When below 40% health armor is increases by 10% and damage is reduced by 10% this can only occur every 1 min

(Krissignacia) #39

Well not exactly how I would have done it, but your ideas seem good

I had an idea of

Frost Barrior
X Runic power
By focusing your frost Runic power you errect a frozen barrior in front of you and reduces damage taken by 20%
absorbs 50% of incoming damage
its a work in progress


I wouldn’t mind that Juggernaut stuff you’re hammering out. I would like them to fix Frost’s damage first.

Bring back the damage monifiers we all worked so hard to get last expansion.