BFA Frost DK Feedback for 8.3-9.X: We Want Our Stuff Back

(Krissignacia) #1

so what you are doing is a travesty to this class and this spec.

so again like the legion thread stop taking our abilities or parts of them and making talents or making them an item while due to RNG we may never see

Anti-Magic Shell
why cant it absorb 75% of our total health for 8 sec on a 1 min cd

i was really fond of volatile shielding talent where 100% of aborb’d magic damage explodes damaging near by enemies

auto attack and frost fever our bread n butter???

why is our auto attack damage and Frost Fever doing so much damage while Oblit, Frost Strike, and frostscythe feel as if they are hitting like wet noddles.

Frost Fever should be doing this

  • Frost Fever
  • Suffering (55% of attack power) Frost damage every 3 sec.
  • Duration: 24 seconds

while Oblit should be doing damage around 150% for main and off

Frost Strike around 125% main and off

Frostscythe does 110%

i really dug frozen soul

When Remorseless Winter ends, release a burst of (X% of Attack power) Frost damage, increased by 100% for each additional enemy you hit during Remorseless Winter.

pillar of frost should be changed to do all damage instead of just strength

Movement Speed

wow im getting sick of being kicked from dungeon groups because im slow

this slow moving thing you are doing is a bad class fantasy you have for us.
while its no secret that i want the presences back with unholy presence being a nice movement speed increase along with talented Deaths Advance from WoD
and all was right with the world movement wise.

what we have now is a bad joke thats gone on to long. we as a DK community would like you to take wrath walk back where you found it and bring back Wod DA

oh boy these are mess right now

put gathering storm on the 100 row and add every 25 runic power spent increases it by .5 sec
also pulls mobs toward you while active

cool name for a talent thats just some janky back and forth. never liked that because we are more open to getting CC’d

i thought that changing it to a builder then spender would be better but i was wrong

so heres a idea i have for Obliteration talent
KM benefits from your crit chance and some of your mastery
Km procs separately on frost strike
when Rime procs on HB the application of Frost Fever will deal it’s total damage upfront then tick as normal this can only happen every 25 sec

talents to bring back
hungering cold to replace blinding sheet

Hungering cold 1 min cd
Purges the earth around the Death Knight of all heat. Enemies within 10 yards are afflicted with Frost Fever and trapped in ice, preventing them from performing any action for 10 sec. Enemies are considered Frozen, but any damage other than diseases will break the ice.

the reason i want this is wondering mobs are bad news vs mobs that are frozen and stay in place

make good on what you said about being slow and hard to kill

PVP oh noes

frost needs help in pvp. people want to use breath but get hard CC’d while using it i’d say bring back the presences cuz that would be best, but making a ability for breath in pvp may be better while i strongly want presences back heres my idea

while using breath the blow back from breath creates a shield that makes it so you cant be cc’d

#make frost great again

that Runic emp change is nice along with the Frost fever change

I still say Frost Fever and auto attack damage need to be toned down and given back to our abilities


frost mastery needs to include scaling for oblit

Upcoming PTR Class Changes 4/23

yo fellow DKs saw this over at the DK forum
bring dark sim back to pve and change it to so strength and mastery boost copied spells so they hit harder and shadow and frost spells double dip with mastery

(Krissignacia) #3

See I’m not the only one


great ideas I am interested if they listen this time around. that legion thread was excellent

(Krissignacia) #5

people are talking about how the Current Obliteration is more for PVP and add a ignore armor feature

which lead me to think the 100 row should have a aoe with breath and single target with obliteration and cleave with moving frostsythe to 100.

just making Obliteration has KM scales with highest secondary stat and oblit scales with mastery


yeah people attack power and Frost fever need to be toned down and brought back to our abilities. its silly to rely on auto attacks


Lets go people Frost DKs need your support

actual fixes and less flat percent buff and nerfs

(Suhuy) #8

Frost is in a pitiful state at the moment, way too much pruning. It could use some serious love and these are great ideas. 2H Frost back as well!


I’d suggest a redesign of the last tier talents to something like -
Sustain ST, Burst (BOS), Sustain AOE. With increased baseline power and negative passives to balance out the damage overall.

  1. Pillar of Frost empowers Obliterate to deal frost damage and HB (Rime proc’d) to hit your primary target with an icicle and grant a rune. Passive: RW and HB deal reduced baseline damage, reduced disease damage. (You could give an animation to Obliterate while empowered -similar to frostscythe- as a 2H ice weapon).

  2. Breath of Sindragosa functionally as-is, casting pillar of frost grants RP based on the number of runes spent since the last cast. Passive: pillar of frost CD increased to 2 mins, reduced damage on all rotation abilities.

  3. RW CD is reduced by X seconds each time it damages a new target, also has the Frozen Soul effect (and give the final explosion an animation to be on par with the other two talents). Passive reduced AA speed, Obliterate and Frost Strike damage.


Why all the negative downsides to each talent though? Basically all of them sound like increased CD damage while making us even weaker outside of said CD. This almost sounds to be damage neutral compared to taking no talent.

I do like having the option of sustain/burst for ST and Aoe, but there shouldn’t be downsides.


I like the idea some other people have been talking about by making strikes hit harder as a talent (ambidexterity). That would be good for sustain dps.

(Krissignacia) #12

interesting ideas

not to keen on PoF been 2 mins and with IBF at 3 we might as well ask for unbreakable armor back 1.5 min cd

and HB damage is rather low its why we call it howeling bleh or meh or blarg


The idea was to increase all ability damage as a balance patch first to bring overall damage rotational ability damage back in line (right now they are all too low with auto attacks and frost fever high on the distribution), then selectively lower some of them through the talent choices -balance is key and changes to the relative weighting of abilities have to be “paid for” elsewhere in the damage budget. The benefits from the talents should easily outweigh any loses in the passives.

With (1) you gain Obliterate, Frost Strike and other ST damage over other choices (and what we have now), HB and RW lose aoe damage, but during PoF: HB gains a spike ST damage, Obliterate gains the effects of mastery which boosts ST, and the rune regen component partially adds obliteration’s benefits and pacing. Outside of PoF ST damage sources would be generically higher than now, while aoe damage sources would be lower (but still viable).

(2) By moving PoF to 2 mins, you gain additional benefit for the RP banking mechanic, usable to achieve a longer breath (Breath burst damage is being the focus in choosing this) - BOS is balanced against other choices by the decreased PoF uptime and lower overall rotational ability damage relative to the other options.

(3) Scales in value based on # of targets. This is mainly for sustained larger groups (M+). Defined by stronger aoe abilities with weaker ST relative to other choices, lower resource generation changes pacing and rotation (GA/FSC) is offset by higher aoe uptime.

Beyond that, talking about ambidexterity as an option: I would prefer that we gain bonuses from mastery to Obliterate (turning it to frost damage) than a scalar bonus from Ambi (even with the FS component). Obliterate being reliant on physical damage doesn’t scale well, and will inevitably requires tuning and balancing to stay competitive (as it has in the past with expansion long secondary stat growth).

(Krissignacia) #14

the lose og HB for a st spike mmmm dunno

also we’ve been asking for full frost damage for oblit forever then they let us have a small portion as a trinket some time back then they make it a talent. unholy meanwhile got clawing shadows for scourge which they been asking for since ever as well

im not a fan of your ideas prolly cuz im not keen on change like that

but come on in and express your opinions


Obliterate needs to be Frost damage so it scales with our Mastery. It’s just beyond me why an ability named “OBLITERATE” is allowed to hit like a wet noodle. I should feel something powerful when I press that key bind, yet most of the time I’m left with an underwhelming amount of damage.

Frost DK buttons do not feel fun to press. When I have 5 combo points on my Rogue and I press Eviscerate or Envenom, it feels great. I see a large number and a big chunk of health from my enemy disappear.

Either rename Obliterate to Underwhelm or make it scale with Mastery.

(Krissignacia) #16

So I’ve been gearing and oblit still feels underwhelming while auto attacks and frost fever are doing a good deal of damage.

Reverse this please and let runes recharge as soon as you use them and not in groups. It would reduce our downtime


I was Frost but i had to switch. it was getting so boring,

bring back the damage frost was doing in legion

bring back what we lost from wod to legion

(Krissignacia) #18


Thanks, you beat me to posting here:
I refined down my suggestions:


  • Balance Obliterate/Frost Strike damage up, AA damage down.
  • Return Icy touch back as an ability and allow it consume Rime damage balanced to HB ST damage (this is a utility option for arena or fights where cleaving is bad - mainly CC in close quarters).
  • Additional Raid Utility - DPS DKs in particular are lacking as Blood DK’s are more effective at utilizing grip based utility - but all death knights pay that cost in mobility.

Row 7 (CD row) Talent Options:

  1. Obliteration - add frost damage to Obliterate during Obliteration (similar to Havoc meta effect - I still also think this is a good compromise for 2H with animation adjustments during Obliteration). Rest as-is
  2. BOS - as is
  3. Frozen Soul passive for RW (for high # aoe). Something like the whelp azerite trait effect fits better for what this talent should be in 9.0.

(Haven) #20

This brought a tear to my eye from laughter and then sadness because of how true it is. :cry: