BfA Feral Feedback (cont'd)

(Cluey) #908

They never said they were coming in 8.1, they just agreed that it was something which should be decoupled from casting a heal.
It’s a tricky thing to do, I think it needs an extra button but I suspect they’re very hesitant to do that as feral already has a lot of buttons, even more when you consider what just being a Druid brings.

@Ancihaor has the best solution I’ve seen proposed.

For those of you who don’t like playing with it, for whatever reason, you can choose one of the two other options. As long as they’re close it won’t matter, you’ll be able to play how you want to.
If it’s too far ahead things need adjusting, there shouldn’t be a cookie cutter build based on what does the most damage.

I don’t want that situation, I’d like it if they’re close enough that you can change them based on the type of fight your group is working on. If there are lots of mechanics I’d take the easiest combination so I can focus on not failing the mechanics, as there’s no point running the top target dummy spec if you can’t do the mechanics too.

(Nuisense) #909

Sorry, I’m done giving them a pass. Saying it is okay they can do it later is how we got where we are now. Will I quit playing if they don’t deliver? No. Not yet. There is not yet another game that will fill my gaming desires and I’m already invested in this one. But as soon as that game appears, I’m gone. They will lose an uninterrupted from November of '04 sub because they have lost the vision that made them great. “It’s done when it’s done.” I so much want to hear that again. Sure, it’s frustrating. But also validated when EVERYTHING is RIGHT. I’m tired of them rushing and getting almost nothing right.

Now, if you are still on the waiting train… more power to you. But I am getting off at the next stop.

(Ginobili) #910

They spent 11 weeks testing the changes from announcement to 8.1 and this is what we got.

Depression is setting in.


Feral needs to be reworked completely. Rather than addressing the issues we face, our rotation has just been made worse by putting savage roar back into tier 75 in the form of another dirty band-aid fix for our dps. This fix contradicts what Blizzard has repeatedly said they were trying to eliminate, our overly punishing dps rotation. There is no reward for playing the most complicated spec in the game. Our dps is horrible and Blizzard has proven incompetent in addressing our class.

While we are designed as a hybrid class, even that has been stripped down to nothing. Our self healing is a joke. When I have to buff my dps by casting regrowth before every finishing move in combat and I am out healed by every class, even a mage, something is wrong. If I spec into Guardian Affinity I can no longer off tank when needed in a raid without being overly taxing on healers. If I spec into Restoration Affinity I can heal one or two people before running out of mana. Where we once could function well as hybrids, we have been reduced to empty shells. And why does Balance Affinity have a min cool down if you are feral, yet no other spec has a cool down for any affinities. Why punish ferals for an affinity that is made monitory for raiding for increased melee range? And while we are talking about being punished, why was feral the only spec to have bark skin removed from us?

So what is wrong with our spec other than being outdated and punishing? Our energy regeneration so low I miss out on Predatory Swiftness far to often when moving for mechanics of a fight punishing my rotation by eliminating my damage buff. Our bleeds are too low and fail to compare to the damage from poisons and diseases of other classes. Why is my white damage my highest form of damage done? I would expect a spec so heavily dependent on bleeds or even shred to be top but no, its my back auto attack. And Berserk/Incarnation: KotJ is still on a 3 min cool down.

I honestly have lost faith in Blizzard and do not believe the people making changes to our class play Feral. I do not see how they could possibly make the changes they make and feel good about them.

(Formtranser) #912

In all Uldir 8 boss fights, no matter Mythic or heroic, single fight or AOE, more than 3 minutes or less, Ferals are all at the bottom of DPS chart.

I don’t remeber any other single spec have this experince in my 11 years of wow life.

Ferals were rejected by M+ in 8.0, and now even the last spot in raid has gone.

Why not just delete this spec? Or, devs intend to keep it just as a joker fooling around making other players laugh?

(Martei) #913

They definitly dont play Feral the fact that they cant get anything right when it comes to feral tells you that how many times has feral been reworked and then its still crap. I mean how can they even be happy with themselves for the amount of times they have utterly failed to fix feral its over and over,

I read the forums people saying that dps was lower on ptr I chose to believe maybe they were exaggerating. That being said I have no faith in them when it comes to feral I expect them to mess up an sure enough they did/do every time. Guess I’m right to be pessimistic when it comes to them doing something right with feral.

If they do a number pass wonder when it will be usually they wait 2 weeks but 2 weeks is right after Christmas and week after that is new years so maybe a month wait before we see anything if anything will probably be such a small buff it wont change much anyhow here is a 4 % increase to damage…

(Beefköw) #914

I still don’t understand why people band together in discord and discuss what should be done to X class.

Give it up people, activision blizzard doesn’t give a living $^&%.


DPS dropped because of stat distribution. Drop haste for crit and mastery.
Once stats fixed and play with azerite traits. It’s not a DPS Nerf. So please stop spreading that false info.

With that said, there are still fundamental things wrong. Why wasn’t Blood Talons addressed? The very least, pull the PS buff off the GCD, it sucks to clunk that into our rotation.
You lock our utility outside of cat form and then lock the rest of our utility into cat form (LotP in PvP only is on when we in cat form. Yet to use cyclone or any heals, we get pulled out. So we always have pointless sacrifices).

(Darkarchaon) #916

7% buff coming next reset

(Nuisense) #917

Don’t think it’s enough. Not for a class with no unique utility.


Not even close, we need to literally be either tier 1, or atleast top 5 all around for people to even consider us… unless they make lotp a passive on top of like 10% flat increase and 5% more on top of that to bleeds or something of that nature as well as energy regen (I’m just spitballing here based on band-aid fixes that they can actually make, they obviously don’t intend to fix the broken nature of the spec), like they should have… then we could have gotten away with being high-middle pack.

7% doesn’t do nearly enough to help us, with all the crap you took away with 8.1 I’d imagine the balance/dev team would be smart enough to realize how much they didn’t give back to us. These incremental percentage increases don’t help broken classes like ours that don’t function properly to begin with, we aren’t fire mages where you can put in a % increase and suddenly take us from rank second to last to rank 1 most desired in all aspects of wow.

Just to get feedback from dev’s and any small sort of change we need 900 post threads, PER change… get typing people… cuz we sure aren’t gonna play the game…


Moved to topic.

(Nariala) #920

The appearance being tied to the skins is actually due to something that they’d need to add more functionality to fix. Artifacts overlaying on existing weapons was the best they could come up with in a short time.

Given the garbage fire BFA was at launch, its unsurprising that refining cosmetics for a single class’ appearance wasn’t a priority.

(Nuisense) #921

So, the 7% lands in the morning. Very interested to hear what many of you think of it.

(Nariala) #922

I’ve not got my druid to max yet, but mained them during legion. The rotation feels a bit more flexible now that you aren’t having an aneurysm for bite refresh windows while also wanting to maintain your bleeds but have enough energy that the bite does its near maximum potential of damage.

  • whatever other complexity talents you throw in there too.


Aoe is better with 7%! Can’t say the same for single target, M+ is fine but raiding. Literally unplayable.

(Nuisense) #924

So, with the changes in 8.1 and the buff from the last reset… I’m just barely ahead of where I was before 8.1 sadly. I do slightly better in M+ and slightly better in Raids. But the big improvement in dps we were all hoping for? Not there. And the changes in 8.1 did absolutely ZERO to help with our utility issues. Actually, with the Bears getting a 1 minute reset on StampRoar, we are in worse shape if your raid or M+ run happens to include a Bear. Not likely, but neither is it likely to have a Feral, soooo…

(Kaelron) #925

So, I’ve wanted to level up my Feral since BfA launched, but given its state at the start of the expansion, I held off. I was anticipating the changes coming in this patch and now that they’re here, I’m a bit underwhelmed.

It’s not that I don’t think there have been some good improvements in them, it’s just that I think they don’t go far enough to address some of the core problems in the specialization.

Right now, Feral kinda just feels like…a lot. Seriously, depending on how you pick your talents, you can have up to 5 different finishers, 6 different builders, a smattering of utility spells, etc…

Now, I’m not saying that having full action bars is a necessarily bad thing, but I feel like I’m still consistently lacking energy and constantly playing keep up to track all the various bleeds, timers, and maintenance buffs that Feral has in its kit.

That being said, I know I’m not leveled and geared, so maybe the added stats and azerite traits alleviate some of those pain points. But for right now, Feral just seems like kind of a hassle to manage.

Now, I’m not advocating for more pruning, lord knows we’ve all had enough of that, but I feel like if Feral could be streamlined a bit more without losing complexity, it’d go a long way to make playing it a more enjoyable experience.

(Martei) #926

I agree with this aoe is great but it feels like we are on the low end of single target damage now if not one of the lowest i wanted to say bleeds needed to be buffed but that would make the aoe even stronger so at this point all you could do is another small buff to shred or a bit more to FB I don’t know but yah single target seems a bit low. The fact that people are saying Brutal slash hits harder then shred tells you something.

(Snuffly) #927

Brutal Slash is supposed to do more damage than shred. That way you can use it on single target.