BfA Experience Changed


Yep. I had been looking forward to pet battle week, but now it’s not really anything to consider.

They never even announced they were doing this. It wasn’t in any patch notes or anything. Someone just replied here toward the start of the thread that the change was intentional: from my understanding that is the ONLY formal acknowledgement that this change has even happened. They really need to acknowledge SOMETHING.

(Amayita) #122

While it sucks that they nerfed BfA, if you catch a Legion WQ for a tamer that’s part of the family familiar achievement, they’re repeatable with excellent XP. I leveled 53 pets on Odrogg last night. He’s a nice one, because you can use 2 level pets on his fight, any level.


… So let me get this straight.

For Legion the pet battle wq givers are only available when their wq is up, but if they’re involved with the achievement they’re repeatable. And they still give pet XP when they are, in fact up.

Why didn’t they implement the exact same system for BFA? It sounds like it worked for everyone, made the achievement set equally as obtainable but still maintained the purpose and rewards of the pet battle and the wq.

They don’t even have to code a new system for the solutions suggested on this thread. They could just implement the same system from Legion and everyone would be happy.

(Loncis) #124

No. Only a few pet tamers in Legion were repeatable. (At least that was the case when Legion was the most recent expansion.) The fact that they might have been involved in the quest did not make an unrepeatable pet tamer into a repeatable pet tamer. You could, however, do these same pet battlers with alts, which also went toward the achievement.

(Amayita) #125

Mm, the only one I haven’t found to be repeatable involved with the Family Familiar achievement is Durian. All the others are repeatable when their WQ is up, and give nice XP. Some of them are terrible to try and use level pets on, like Flummox or probably Bredha, but you can.


I confirmed this on Aulier a short time ago. Using Salty Goldfish’s strat (in Wowhead) with a P/P Nexus Whelpling and a P/S Kneebiter, I levelled over 30 pets in under 90 minutes. A pet levels up from 2 to 25 in two battles, each battle taking 80 secs. The only drawback is that the pet cannot succeed at level 1 against Aulier, unless it is critter or magic or mechanical. However, most of my new pets were already at level 4 from BFA battles.


So: I’ve been off taking advantage of pet battle week (which is still great) and nothing seems to have changed here, unfortunately, including still no comment from Blizzard. Maybe they’re waiting for 8.1.5? :slightly_smiling_face:

So: thoughts. I’m currently within a few battles of finishing the BfA Family Familiar. As a challenge to myself, I did it the “Legion” way, only doing each battle on each alt when it’s up. So, had we NOT nerfed XP and left things the Legion way, this achievement (meant to be… an achievement? of some meaning?) would’ve taken maybe a month or so, or a bit more if someone had fewer alts (it’s really easy to have several alts at 120 at this point – it takes only 7-10 days to level from 110 to 120 doing nothing but the Pandaria and Draenor pet battle loops in war mode; I’ve done it repeatedly).

Meanwhile, we had some vague promises that pet battles would give “more stones”. Looking around right now: 1 for bandages, one for a small number of elemental-family stones, two for Azerite. Yesterday we had charms, a trivial amount of war resources, and some family-specific stones. We’re not getting many unrestricted stones, or fel-stones, or whatever, and we’re still getting far too many for (trivial) war resources or Azerite.

Please, please consider reverting this in 8.1.5, Blizzard, or implementing a fix along the lines that’s been repeatedly proposed (full pet XP for a battle that gives WQ completion; nerfed or no XP for repeat battles). Yes, it’s probably more complicated to implement, but it makes the game better (subjective statement, I know! but it feels like most – not all, but most – people agree).

For me, I don’t feel like saving a few weeks’ (or even a couple months’) delay in completing a large achievement is worth a permanent nerf that will last throughout this expansion and beyond. That’s a bad tradeoff, and it hurts both players and Blizzard.

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seems like we have been getting a lot more Azerite lately. I think they messed up with the change. Or they made a change again without telling us. Its there game to do what they want but i wish they would at least tell us what they want. Just seems silly to take away xp from battles and then make it even harder to get the things we need to level up.


Today, again: family-specific battle stones (critter, more useful than some), azerite, azerite, war resources. This is lousy – not even any pet charms up. Blizzard, fix it!

(Gianavel) #130

Yeah, the last two weeks you couldn’t level any one pet to 25. If we’re supposed to be getting enough stones to level pets to offset this undocumented nerf, then they amount we receive needs to be increased.


Maybe a slight improvement today – two family-specific sorts of battle-stones, azerite, and war resources. Still nothing compared to what we had prior to 7.1.5.

In other news: finished Family Battler today, the old-school Legion way, doing no battle that wasn’t up for a WQ and those only once per character. So we traded months of pet leveling for saving how much time completing the achievement again? Certainly under 4 months; I had 4 characters some of the time, 3 for others.

(Loncis) #132

I’ve always suspected that they do fine-tune the chances of certain things happening. As opposed to the idea that once they set the numbers, that’s it; they’re carved in stone and won’t be changed until next expansion, or at least until next major patch.

I wonder if they felt that we were levelling pets too quickly. Everything related to pet experience has taken a major beatdown with BfA. There’s no shoulder enchantment to give us a reasonable chance of acquiring pet charms. Pet levelling, even when you could level pets on the tamers in BfA , was never as good as Legion.

So, perhaps the number of leveling stones that doesn’t compensate for the loss of XP on the tamers indicates that they still think we level pets too quickly.

But of course, who can say what the Devs are thinking?


Makes no sense to me to nerf an entire portion of the game just to satisfy people chasing achievements. and by all means pet WQ’s should reward pet stuff, not azerite or gold etc. the other WQ’s give enough of that stuff. maybe even give people a choice of rewards so they can choose charms or leveling tokens for their pets or a boosted amount of xp for the pets. but nerfing xp just for the achievement thing? Really? My2 cents.

(Nzete) #134

The development team doesn’t seem to be self consistent in their reasoning. If good pet charms are only available from “current” content because we should only be doing “current” content, then “old” content shouldn’t be better than “current” content.

That said, I don’t think that pet battle content should be considered “old” and “current” in the same way as raiding. Pets stop at level 25 no matter if caught in Westfall or Stormsong Valley. Pets considered particularly good at various battling roles are found across different levels of content.

However, rewards really inconsistent across content for their value. A “current” world quest might be for a single boss and award war resources (experience not worthwhile, nothing in stuff of value for pet battling). Going and doing a MoP daily will award experience and a bag with a chance of a rare stone/bandages (more useful than the “current” world quest).

Since “old” pet content is pontentially more useful than “current” pet content, could we use our shiny charms to buy the generic “plus one level stone” and the generic “upgrade to rare stone” at some price that reflects the increased availability of the shiny pet charms to the polished pet charms?


This is a terrible change for the worse. Am I the only one who feels stupid throwing rocks at my pets? The whole point of bringing a carry pet is that it’s more challenging, and therefore more “fun.” Yesterday I threw a purple rock at a pet, and it wasn’t fun at all. I know there are other ways of leveling my pets with trainers on other continents, but why can’t I also do it in BfA? Answer: no reason, or at least a very lame one.

Obviously if you can’t exploit the reward from the World Quest Pet battles by repeating them, you also cannot exploit the XP reward, and the amount of extra coding needed to implement this result is probably zero.


Two out of four quests today are Azerite. The other two are at least battlestones, but family specific ones. This is pushing people out of doing pet battle WQs in BfA.

The silence on this is deafening. It really feels like Blizzard made a knee-jerk change here without understanding the impact it would have and is now unsure what to do to move forward.


I am not getting any xp for doing pet battles now. That was the point of the change, to force players into on-rails questing.

Devs are control freaks who think players are still playing the game wrong. They will continue to remove options until they are satisfied that no one has any choice in how they are permitted to play the game.

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I see you’ve hidden your profile. I wonder how may pets you have…


(Loncis) #139

According to the Master of Minions achievement (which I haven’t completed), I have 909 unique pets. And according to my pet journal, I have 1474 total pets.

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Hiding the profile button on the forum doesn’t prevent you from just looking them up on the armory. It’s only a shortcut for quicker access. if you’re still invested in that statement.