Better transmogs for LEATHER

Dear Blizzard,
Why all the hate for Leather wearers when it comes to transmogs?
Plate users have amazing transmogs, Mail (especially hunters), Cloth all amazing…
For shadowlands did someone think putting skin of an abomination would be a nice transmog? in all the history of leather transmogs none are nice at the exception of Legion where the sets were very cool, but nothing sexy per say.
FF14 alllows all players to dress their toon how they see fit, no one is offended, why can’t Warcraft do the same?

Asking for a friend…

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Bro what? Leather is probably the best transmogs in the whole game. Followed closely by plate and cloth. Mail on the other hand sucks so much. Every mail piece looks so old and neglected and just bland.

Girl what? If you don’t like sexy mogs yes perhaps you’d like leather, i don’t personally think there are any real nice mogs to the exception of Demon hunters style, if they didn’t let other leather wearers have some of there mogs i would all around say leather is distasteful. Bring back more sexy mogs is all i’m saying, those who don’t want to wear it don’t need to bother but it lets the rest of us have more to love about our leather wearing toons.

I happen to like my mog a ton