Beta Testers Pooled From Stress Testers

Stress testers should either be given Beta access, or they should give that pool of them that show up a higher chance.
The people showing up to the stress test for the max level of 5 are showing high interest for the game. Plus they already RNG’d that pool so it’d be easier to pull them.


Also, there are plenty of us that didn’t get into the stress test. What makes your random luck more significant?


Its an already standing pool that’d be easy for them to just pull from.
Also yes I saw that blue post, thats why I’m giving my opinion on it.

No we shouldn’t its completely separate

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They already have a far larger pool of opted in people that they pulled from once, and already have a process for. Its easier to just rerun the same process.

Stress testers are a pool form that. Its about narrowing the pool to find Beta players. Which the have done with the Stress test beta.

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I got a stress test invite but not beta and I’ve been subbed since May of 05. Granted I’ve gotten a beta invite for every single expansion since MoP, so I’m not salty and if it happens, it happens. :man_shrugging:

I Think they should just let more people in period. if you got invite to stress or not. We need to see if we can have servers that can consistently hold a lot of people

Glitch, exactly the pool of beta testers currently is really small. Even beta testers, more streamers, have gone on record saying there needs to be more players invited. Its an ALREADY existing pool, all they would need to do is maybe cut the numbers a bit if they’d like, then give access.

I know you’re trying to find a reason to increase your chances, but the problem is:

Why does that matter to Blizzard?

Wait… did someone say Bad Luck Protection?

As a lucky Stress Test recipient… I do not want a “better” chance at Beta than my fellow Classic maniacs. The field must always be level, and if that means no beta for me… so be it.

but I don’t want to make someone else’s chances less just because I at least got to taste a little Classic action.

Anyone who makes a forum thread begging for or complaining about a beta invite should be automatically, permanently disqualified. :sunglasses:

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More beta testers? They want testers? Plus in all honesty, I could care less on getting in.
Its more on it makes sense to pull beta testers from an existing pool.

I’m sorry if you didn’t get in though like, I’m not making this to be a douche or anything man.

Except you are literally saying:

“My random luck should intentionally downgrade your chance at beta”.

Twiinkedd where did I beg for access? Where did I even say I got access for anything?
Assumptions man.

To play devil’s advocate, it would matter for Blizzard if they gained more active bug testers instead of people looking for early access. But I agree that it should remain the way it is.

I don’t say that?

I’m saying its an already existing pool that’d require less work for them to pick a mass of people to push into testing.

Who said I got access again?

Less work? They are automated invites. There is not that much work involved. The amount of people that have opted in is enough of a pool to choose from.

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The entitlement is strong within this one! Good… good… let the entitlement flow through you.

Which would actively degrade those who didn’t randomly get selected, from getting into beta.

There are plenty of people who’d make good testers, who didn’t get lucky. Your idea will actively punish people for bad luck. That’s why I have issue with it.