Beta Stress Test Invitation Began

It just showed up about 6 hrs ago on my EU Battlenet
I clicked “install” and then logged in. I got 1 offline realm, so I 'll check later at 16:00 PDT. (I think it is now just after 12:00 PDT if I can trust my Foxclocks firefox extension)

You are correct, local time is currently 12:17pm PST

no, actually. the real beta is named -PTR: Classic- something.
retail beta is -PTR: World of Warcraft-

Got the invite. But it starts on 2:00 AM lol. Not going to happen for me, pitily.

Theyre not doing regional stress tests for our West Asian friends? That sucks.

You base this on your years of working for blizzard or what?

I’m confused, no one is talking about retail PTR here. In the launcher client dropdown menu it is called “Beta & Stress Test: Wow Classic.” Bornakk explains the name change quoted below. Now if you are talking about the actual server name after you’ve logged in, then yea, they probably do have different names, as would be expected.

This is okay. Stress test should be at one particular time. It doesn’t matter if it’s not going in my convenience.
It is stress test for a reason, so as many people as possible could participate.
I’m just happy that things are moving towards Classic opening soon™(ish).
Would be great to actually get a beta invite though.

So excited… used a half day at work so I can be on right away!

No email, but it slid into my launcher a few hours ago. Should be good times.

I didn’t think I got an email either, but mine came in last night at 10:17 pm apparently, but it was put under promotions.

There is the email. Thanks!

You’re welcome!

My husband isnt even subscribe and he got in… LOL

Now that is fukced up. ^

I am honestly suprised that no one(from my quick glances) suggested that people check their email that is associated with their account for the invite to this stress-test.

Yea I saw that too. Finally. Ugh… I don’t get it. Maybe Classic is different, but never once in WoD and Legion beta test did I feel like it was over crowded. Even in Alpha BfA test never once felt over crowded. They all kept flooding in groups of people and it was fine. But again maybe Classic is different…

Hopefully the Stress test goes great and they decide to give us all full beta access. I gotta go to work so I’m going to miss it. Enjoy guys!

I honestly don’t buy that when people say that… You aren’t living in a 3rd world country… nor a farm in Africa…

You are prioritizing something over the sub… be it more expensive food, bubble tea, concerts, coffee, whatever…
15$ a month is nothing in comparison to what you spend every month.

Unless your reality literally is all you can afford is lights, internet, shelter, gas, and ramen noodles… and you provide yourself ZERO entertainment… than there is no such thing as “not having extra money to spend”

You simply do not want to change your lifestyle for this game… which is 100% fine, but that’s the reality.

Sorry… I needed a little rant, kind of bugs me when people say that… it’s almost like they are saying they have no control over their life.

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Do you need to have a subscription active to get invite to beta stress test?

Maybe it’s true that not everyone has full control of their life. Maybe there are factors out of their control that they have been left with.

Thanks for the judgement, though. I won’t deny that if I really put effort in I’ll be able to afford it.

Right, because family and animals take care of themselves.

Sorry to have ‘bugged’ you.