Beta Stress Test Invitation Began

One of the lucky ones, non-retail player account holder since Apr 2005.

Im still at work. :frowning: I just scheduled the entire week off for launch though. Lol. If i get a beta invite I might have to burn even more vacation. Good thing I have time saved up. Hope to get in soon.

They are two different things, yes. However, they are BOTH named the same thing. If you read the WoW Classic Stress Test 1 sticky, Bornakk explains this very clearly.

The desire to get in is so strong, but so is the disappointment when you don’t get invited to even the stress test. :frowning:

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So I got the email last night but I still can’t download the client lol I’m not mad about it, but I feel bad for the people that were psyched thinking they got in.

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I don’t know how much clearer they can be. :yum:

Seriously! I was quoting you mostly to reinforce your comment (just in case it came across as me trying to tell you something you already know :wink: )

i guess like everyone else…i got the email but nno drop down menu

Same here. A little disappointed. I still plan to check it out once it goes live.

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Last night it took up to 2.5 hours from the time people got the emails to when the Launcher showed the download option so hang in there and be patient it should still come.

My email didn’t actually come until well after I had already downloaded and installed the Stress test. So just because the email came doesn’t mean the launcher will show the option to download right away. edit: or vice versa

I got my email last night.

ahh, ok, well, hopefully it will come then. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Keep checking your launcher, I heard that it will just pop in there no need to restart it all the time. Mine was waiting for me when I got home from work so I can’t really say for sure in that respect.

yea im checking like evry 5 min…let me in…let me in…hahaha

oh Thanks! 12/31/04 - free month, then 2/1/05 subscriptions start lol. wow thats oldd

It just showed up about 6 hrs ago on my EU Battlenet
I clicked “install” and then logged in. I got 1 offline realm, so I 'll check later at 16:00 PDT. (I think it is now just after 12:00 PDT if I can trust my Foxclocks firefox extension)

You are correct, local time is currently 12:17pm PST

no, actually. the real beta is named -PTR: Classic- something.
retail beta is -PTR: World of Warcraft-

Got the invite. But it starts on 2:00 AM lol. Not going to happen for me, pitily.

Theyre not doing regional stress tests for our West Asian friends? That sucks.

You base this on your years of working for blizzard or what?