Beta Stress Test Invitation Began

From the stress test post its says that they changed the name to beta & stress test because they use the same client. But if you are just in the stress test the stress test realm is all you will see.

He meant because he didn’t get in for the stress test.

No one who gets in for the stress test will also have access to beta unless you are subsequently invited said to beta.

Probably won’t be another round of strictly beta invites until after the stress test

I don’t understand why they can’t do an open beta if they want a stress test though should look at the forums

Whee! I got in.


Because they’re only using 1 server, and 300,000 people is far too stressful.

Yes, Eaglesgift, everyone’s should say that. Below is a quote from Bornakk in the new stress test sticky.

Links edited because I’m not cool enough to post them yet.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Have a que to log in like on live when there are too many lol

Oh yeah, I can see it now “I got in queue and it said 10 days”.

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alot would give up id be okay with it lol

Whats the point of timegating Classic. It is obviously playable.

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this guy gets it I say release classic with whatever bugs and fix them as we go

Months of people subbed in hopes they get beta access :wink:

Got invited to stress test account created in 2010

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Can’t be done. Do you know how many people have applied for leave/vacation time, starting on the 26th?

wow a 2010 account got in this makes me even more depressed but congrats though

Why exactly would you get priority? If anything they should give priority to people that didn’t get into the stress test. In the interest of fairness, of course. :slight_smile:

Of course, there is no priority and it will continue to be random as there is no reason to expect otherwise.

well they would all be happy it would be out before then world firsts have been over with for the past 14 years

I think blizz is going to have an unintended side effect to allowing every streamer into the beta…
A lot of people are pissed they didn’t get a beta but Jimmy (5 viewers) Steven got hand picked to get in.
So they are going to private servers and getting their fix.

I’ve talked to 4 people that said they did exactly this and dont intend to resub anymore…

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If it helps I started in vanilla but deleted my first account for some reason. I do pay for a lot of faction changes and have been subbing for years. Take it as you will.