Beta Service Issues — Updated June 6

My head last night was getting kicked off trying to turn in a quest getting logged back on and my Power bars were blank again had to wait for the update back

So when is these improvements coming out ?


I have no idea when we’ll get some fixes, but I hope they prioritize the account copying. I dont understand why it’s not a queued feature where to click the copy button and then the process is put in a queue in need be. May be that’d save some headaches to the devs.

In the first 30 minutes of playing, I got dc’d more times than I could count. It was like if I moved for than a few feet, dc’d. Try to go to wiz towner, dc’d. I went back to re-mix for the night. Then tried again just a bit ago. Dc’d as soon as I got into Dalaran & tried to turn in quest to Kadgar. Now the servers are offline. Hopefully for the fixes (yes, please!!).

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I think a lot of the issues we’re seeing trying to copy account data / characters are tied up with whatever backend is required for Warbands. And probably this will remain an issue until they’re ready to rollout the Warbands functionality properly.
I wouldn’t worry about account data right now. There are other things to test in the meantime.

We’ve now completed Beta realm restarts to pick up some fixes.

We’ll continue to monitor and work on further issues.


Still can’t seem to copy my characters over.

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Still the same DC issues. Cant quest for more than 2-3 minutes before being DCd, then cant login to the same character. Gives me “character with that name already exists” or “character not found”.


Would like to be able to copy my own characters over. Any ETA on fixing the Remix character copy issue so I can do that?

Do you have any information about account or character copy? I’d love to test your beta with my account data! In the mean time, I’m just gonna hold off.

Still getting disconnected when trying to try out the professions.

One issue I bump into fairly regularly is when you crash, your character will stay logged in (at least that’s what I’m assuming is happening), so when you try to jump back on, you can’t play because it will continuously say “A character with this name already exists” or something along those lines. Also can’t play any other toons without it crashing to menu, tried relauching wow, and realm swapping to no avail, seems to just take 10-15 minutes until you get “auto logged” which then allows you to play once more.

Another issue with the crashes is just your options being auto bound to their defaults

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Whatever yall did, it was not nearly enough. Still stuck on the starting quests. Almost everything you do disconnects you and resets progress. TBH it’s pointless to even log in until servers are in order. It’s that bad.


I’m still getting disconnected very frequently.


Still getting disconnected when turning in quest, about every other quest. Once disconnected get stuck with “A character with that name already exists” and have to wait out about 10 minutes.

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Make another level 1…when you go to log in it will be a level 70. Read this on another thread and it works for me

I am getting the same message about every other quest as well. Even after the June 6th “fix”

I would like another item fixed, if possible, when you are dragon riding and hit space bar to climb it zooms in the graphics in the distance for a second which is just plain awful. and @Skrubnoob, I fully agree. I would, also, like to not have to redo my keybindings. And while I am on my soapbox, how about giving me back my spell book icon on the menu bar, instead of making me hit your keybinding! I could use that P somewhere else.

If you hit talents & spellbooks on the bar on bottom it auto goes to your spellbook instead of talent sheet now so you should be safe to rebind P.

Thanks for the updates and thanks for having the beta servers up. I’ll be reporting bugs as I come across them.

It’s dun seeing a lot of people playing. Although many seem to think they can play the the beta as if it were a proper launch of the finished product haha. Take care and have fun!

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