Beta Service Issues — Updated June 6

Update 11:00 a.m. PDT June 6

We’ve now completed Beta realm restarts to pick up some fixes.

We’ll continue to monitor and work on further issues.

We’re aware of and working to resolve multiple stability issues in the War Within Beta. We do not expect to deploy fixes until tomorrow.

We’ll let you know when we have some improvements going out to Beta servers tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Thank you for the update


Thanks for notifying us - we appreciate your hard work.


Thanks for the update! Looking forward to a smoother experience after whatever fixies get pushed out tomorrow.


Does this include things like this?

Some of us can’t use our main accounts to create even a template level 70 character. We either have the option of an 80 or starter.


I don’t even have the option of an 80. I can start at level 1 or not participate in the beta at all.

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Bottom of hte screen to the left, it might lag but the create template character is there.

To Eleven server is for lvl 80s

Other 2 are progression (templates lvl 70)


to eleven server doesn’t even give me the option of a template…just immediately goes to character creation and fails to create


It did that to me but when i logged out and then back into that server my character was there.

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For me, create Template Character on Alleria and Khadgar only let me create level 1’s. It does not give a level 70.


Theres a separate button for it, as mentioned it can lag to the point of not showing up, took me a while to get it working on Alleria.


Ahhh, thank you. That explains it then. I’ve been sitting on the character creation screen of Khadgar for a while now and still nothing. I’ll play Re-Mix until things are sorted by the Dev team.

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I can rest for now ! Thanks for the update!

It’s not there for me. Hasn’t been this entire time.

Yes!! This is what I’m seeing as well. I was beginning to think I was crazy as everyone is saying the option is there. It really isn’t for me. My screenshot is exactly like yours.

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No, you’re not crazy. Some people just don’t realize that different people can have different problems. They somehow think their solution will fix it for everyone.


Right under that drop down - thats the button you need to press

Tried that, as I said before. It’s giving me level 1 alts and I don’t know why. I’ll try again tomorrow. Maybe it’s the instability.

Yeah was just making sure everyone reading the thread was on the same page :slight_smile: hurray for tomorrow patches

I’ll just wait until tomorrow. Getting DC’ed every couple minutes has lost it’s appeal. Only thing I seem to be testing is my patience.